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Difficult and Embarrassing Employment Situations

Simple and effective ways to manage those tricky workplace issues

A Tips & Advice Special Report about...

In a nutshell

This Special Report explains how to deal with awkward and embarrassing workplace problems. We give pointers on how to approach these problems in a legally safe way that won't take up much of your time.

In detail

Managing your workforce can sometimes be a real nightmare. Just think about all those awkward situations that crop up all your time. This Special Report covers the full range of tricky situations such as bullying, office romances, workplace drug abuse, inappropriate dress, odour problems and even the death of a colleague. For each situation, it provides:

  • A brief summary of the issue
  • The underlying dangers
  • The potential legal pitfalls
  • A workable solution

Supported by a series of ready-to-use documents, this Special Report will help you regain control of all those difficult and embarrassing workplace problems.

We've created this Tips & Advice Special Report especially for... 

Employers, personnel managers, personnel consultants, company directors that want to:

  • Approach tricky workplace issues in a professional and legally secure way
  • Retain control and ensure their workers remain productive

Advisors that want to:

  • Support their clients in dealing with tricky workplace issues in the right way


You'll get the following free extras with this Tips & Advice Special Report... 

An Online Service with ready-to-use documents

  • To immediately apply our advice and solutions in practice
  • That you can easily adapt to suit your own requirements

In this Tips & Advice Special Report you'll read about...

Table of contents

  1. How to approach tricky personnel problems
  2. Older workers who aren’t coping
  3. Staff refusing to work together
  4. Conflicting beliefs
  5. Potential bullying
  6. When alcohol is an issue
  7. Smoking cannabis
  8. Aromatic lunches
  9. Inappropriate dress
  10. It’s a bit windy in here
  11. Fat chance of any work
  12. Sex in the toilet - it’s so inconvenient!
  13. The end of an office romance
  14. Financial worries
  15. Death of an employee
  16. Taking further action
  17. Documents

    Agreement for loan repayment

    Alcohol and drugs policy

    Appraisal procedure and form

    Capability procedure

    Clear desk policy

    Confirmation of no further disciplinary action

    Confidentiality agreement

    Disciplinary procedure

    Dress and appearance policy

    Equal opportunities and dignity at work policy

    Notification of disciplinary hearing

    Notice of disciplinary appeal hearing

    Notification of potential dismissal meeting

    Opt-out agreement

    Opt-out agreement letter

    Personal relationships at work policy

    Request to attend investigatory meeting

    Retirement policy

    Sickness absence policy

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Difficult and Embarrassing Employment Situations

  • Covers the full range of tricky workplace situations
  • Quickly resolve problems
  • Including Online Service with ready-to-use documents
  • 86 pages
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