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In the most recent issue you'll find advice on...

Year 19 - issue 21 - 23.11.2017


GDPR and subject access requests

Currently, you have 40 days to respond to a subject access request (SAR) and can charge a £10 fee. What will happen when the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into force in May 2018?


Large potted plant grows a racial harassment claim

An employee who complained that the positioning of a large potted plant amounted to segregation has won his claim of racial harassment. What happened and where did the employer go wrong?


Warning if your holiday year is 1st April - 31st March

Due to the way the bank holidays fall in 2018 and 2019, some employers will be in breach of the Working Time Regulations 1998 (WTR) if they don’t give their employees an additional day’s holiday. What do you need to know?


Must you ban Christmas trees in your workplace?

Every year, several of your employees have great fun decorating a workplace Christmas tree. This year, a new member of staff has said that you should stop this tradition as it’s an unlawful practice. Are they right?


No voluntary redundancy = breach of contract?

An employer has breached several of its employees’ contracts by failing to offer them the opportunity to apply for voluntary redundancy. Are you legally required to do this before making compulsory redundancies?


Handling disclosures about mental ill health

Each year, approximately one in four people will experience mental ill health and 1.5 million of us have been diagnosed with a long-term condition. If one of your employees discloses a mental health condition, how should you handle it?


What are the key risks to lone workers?

Those who are employed in lone working roles face a variety of risks. The most obvious one is the threat of violence, but what other key areas should you consider when undertaking a risk assessment for these types of worker?


Tribunal fees: refunds for employers


Q&A - what is the “pay reference period”?

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