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In the most recent issue you'll find advice on...

Year 1 - issue 5 - 20.09.2017


What mistakes are employers making?

The latest “naming and shaming” statistics that show underpayment of the national minimum wage reveal that 1,200 employers have now been named since 2013. Where are all these employers going wrong?


Voluntary overtime and the calculation of holiday pay

The Employment Appeal Tribunal has ruled that payment for voluntary overtime that’s normally worked should be included in the calculation of holiday pay. What are the implications for employers?


What are the benefits of a probationary period?

Even though probationary periods have no statutory basis in employment law, they’re still worth including in employment contracts for new starters. So what are the benefits of having a probationary period?


How should you protect your confidential information?

One of the key assets of your business is likely to be its confidential information, be it a client database, a manufacturing process or a secret formula. How should you prevent employees from misusing it, whether for themselves or for a competitor?


Implementing effective onboarding

A non-existent or poorly executed onboarding process leads to disengaged employees at best and increased turnover rates and recruiting costs at worst. What do you need to consider to make it a success?


The legal status of apprentices

If you’re thinking of employing an apprentice, you should first understand the law that applies to them. What are the different forms of apprenticeship currently available and what’s their employment law status?


Fair dismissals for poor performance

Where an employee is underperforming, it’s important to tackle the issue at an early stage. How should you formally deal with poor performance and, if there’s insufficient improvement, implement a fair capability dismissal?


Employment tribunal fees ruled unlawful


Call for evidence on EU workers

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