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In the most recent issue you'll find advice on...

Year 1 - issue 10 - 26.09.2017


Upgrade to business tax accounts

HMRC is rolling out an upgrade to business tax accounts (BTA) that should now be completed (as of September 2017). What’s new?

tax codes

Dynamic coding: all change for tax codes

During the summer of 2017 a quiet revolution took place in HMRC systems that will potentially affect 40 million taxpayers. What could be the effect for employers and those running payrolls?

auto enrolment - update

Pensions go mainstream

It’s all change from October 2017 as auto-enrolment hits its five-year milestone and we head towards the first increase in contributions. What’s involved and what might be the additional cost?


Crunch the numbers correctly

In April 2017 the apprenticeship levy was first calculated in payroll software but many providers got the figures wrong. So what are the basic calculation rules in payroll and when should you check them?

sickness absence

Improving the health of the nation

We’re always being told that the UK has very low productivity and poor sickness absence rates - on average 4.3 days’ per worker every year. So what can you do to keep employees healthy?


P11D specification published for July 2018

benefits in kind

HMRC concedes on OpRA mismatch


Compensation for childcare system glitch

holiday pay

Holiday pay must include voluntary overtime

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