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In the most recent issue you'll find advice on...

Year 10 - issue 1 - 06.10.2017


Is it a car or a van?

A disagreement between Coca-Cola and HMRC over the definition of a van could be very costly for employees and companies. What’s the problem?


What financial instruments do you need to disclose?

FRS 102’s financial instruments disclosure note has proved to be a source of confusion for many accountants with differing views as to what should be included. What should the note contain?


Know your breakeven hourly rates

You’ve been reviewing project and client profitability. Whilst individual projects appear to be very profitable, the company as a whole is only just breaking even. How do you work out why this is?


Rewarding staff for growth

The company’s shareholders would like to involve some key employees in the ownership of the company by offering growth shares. What are these and what are the benefits of issuing them?


How to improve your Wi-Fi signal

There’s not much that’s more frustrating than a bad wireless network which leads to dropping out and buffering. But there are ways to improve the signal. How much are they and what should you try?


Save with nepotism?

In the past we’ve shown how a family member lending a hand can cut your tax bill. But how about giving them a salaried job when they’re out of work? What are the rules and what can you save?


Resignation rethink?

A key member of staff has just handed in their notice. You’re not keen on them leaving but is it money well spent convincing them to stay on? What sweeteners are likely to be most effective?


Can van clubs cut costs?

New charges on diesel vehicles come into effect in London in October 2017. Is a van club worth a look to help avoid the costs associated with the so-called toxicity charge?


Hiring your first finance assistant

You’ve been with the company since it started but now you’re finding it increasingly difficult to fit all the work in. The managing director has told you it’s OK to hire an accounts assistant. What do you do next?


Holding a virtual AGM

In June 2016 Jimmy Choo was the first company to hold a virtual AGM in the UK. Is this something that your company should be considering and what are the advantages of doing so?


Linking text boxes to data cells

You want to update a text box on your Excel sheet with the latest figures. Do you have to do this manually or is it possible to link the text box to the data contained in a cell?


What’s the latest?


Increase in tax code queries?

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