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In the most recent issue you'll find advice on...

Year 10 - issue 2 - 03.11.2017


Avoiding electricity capacity penalties

From April 2018 your business could face extra costs if it exceeds its agreed supply capacity. What action can you take to avoid these penalties?


Getting a grip on trade debtors

You’ve recently started a new job as financial controller. One of the first things you’ve spotted is that the company’s debtor days are quite high. What can you do to improve the situation?


Checking the VAT return

It’s your job each quarter to review the VAT return before it’s submitted. But as it’s automatically generated by the accounting software, there’s not much to check. Or is there?


Managing accruals on projects

You’ve noticed that the profits made on a number of projects are much less than expected. The project managers can’t explain the reasons why this is happening. How can you clear this up and keep things clean going forward?


A faster way to bank cheques

Banks are rolling out new technology that will enable you to pay in cheques without leaving the office. What’s involved and what could be the savings as a result?


Get personal with the company credit card

Changes proposed to the benefits in kind rules might mean you can make personal use of your company’s credit card, tax free, for up to 18 months. How can you take advantage and what will you save?


Savings with homeworkers?

It’s been suggested that you could save money by cutting back on office space and making some staff permanently work from home. Can you insist on such an arrangement and, if so, what could you save?


Post-interview costs

More than three in four graduates believe that feedback following a face-to-face interview should be mandatory. But time spent doing this can be costly for small businesses. What should you do and how much will you save with a clear policy?


Revaluing fixed assets

After a slightly disappointing year, to keep its high credit rating, the company is looking to beef up its balance sheet. It has some fixed assets which are valued at less than their current value - is there scope to revalue these?


What bang are you getting for your payroll buck?

The new MD has looked at the payroll figure in the latest management accounts and asked you to quantify what the money is being spent on. What’s the best way to approach answering this question?


The problems with AutoSave

Microsoft is rolling out a co-authoring feature for Office 365 Excel users to make it easier for multiple users to access the same workbook. However, the AutoSave function that comes with it could cause problems. What’s the issue?


Payment transparency goes online


Budgeting for the increase

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