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In the most recent issue you'll find advice on...

Year 19 - issue 18 - 12.10.2017


Contract change costs £22,000

An employee has been awarded £22,000 by the tribunal because his employer imposed a change to his working hours. Why was this such a costly error?


Traditional work and age discrimination

A 59-year old female employee who was told by a manager that she would be “better suited to a traditional” employer has won her tribunal claim for age discrimination. What is the problem with this type of comment?


A week’s pay and employer pension contributions

Many situations will involve the calculation of a week’s pay, for example in relation to a statutory redundancy payment. Must employer pensions contributions be included in that calculation?


A robust disciplinary investigation report

With tribunal fees having been abolished, a robust disciplinary investigation is more important than ever. But how should the investigator set out their findings and when does their role in the process end?


She’s not returning from maternity leave

Let’s suppose that one of your employees, who is currently on maternity leave, has just informed you that she won’t be returning to work when it ends. Is that the end of the matter?


Health and safety rules for laptop users

Employees who work remotely are often provided with laptops. Whilst convenient, these devices can lead to various health problems. So what rules should staff follow in order to use them safely?


Keep your hands off my cheesecake!

A row has broken out at the BBC over a slice of cheesecake that was “stolen” from a staff fridge, with the victim calling the thief a “scumbag”. Whilst amusing, this type of incident often upsets employees. What can you do?


Q&A - dependants’ leave for inset days


Guiding employers through mental health

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