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Year 19 - issue 2 - 18.10.2017


The flight to nowhere

You booked a flight to Paris to attend a sales conference. Two days before you were due to travel the airline cancelled the flight. What are your rights ?


Can you save VAT by leasing a car?

Unless you buy and sell cars as a trade, or use them exclusively for your business, you can’t reclaim any VAT on their cost. On the other hand, you can reclaim some VAT where you lease a car. How much can you save?


New steps needed before court action

If you want to sue a customer for unpaid bills you’ll have to follow new guidelines before going to court, but not in every case. In what situations do the new rules apply and what extra steps must you take?


Taxable perks and an NI loophole

Benefits in kind are usually more NI efficient than salary. However, the opposite can be true for director shareholders who receive a low salary, perhaps topped up with dividends. What savings are possible and how can you take advantage?


Closing a company and getting your money out

You and your fellow director shareholders want to shut down your company and go their separate ways. It’s all amicable, but naturally you each want to get your hands on your share of the company’s assets. What’s the quickest way to do this?


How to properly induct a new hire

According to new research, many employees feel that they would have settled into a business much more quickly if they had received a proper induction. What should an induction for a new starter include?


Inspecting a company’s register of shareholders

By law, all companies must keep an up-to-date register of shareholders which includes the shareholders’ names, addresses and their shareholdings. Must this register be disclosed to anyone who asks to see it?


Primary Authority services upgraded


First auto-enrolment prosecution

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