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In the most recent issue you'll find advice on...

Year 9 - issue 10 - 07.07.2017


Good news for directors’ loans

An amendment to FRS 102 will make it much easier to account for director-shareholder loans in small companies going forward. What’s changed?


Insuring against export risk

With the fall in sterling, your company has decided to seek new markets overseas as part of its growth plan. You’re concerned about non-payment and have heard about export insurance. How can you find out more and obtain cover?


Holiday pay and overtime - update

You remember reading something about overtime having to be included in holiday pay. If this is true, how do you calculate a day’s holiday pay where the employee’s hours vary?


Using a balanced scorecard

The new managing director has arrived from a large company where a balanced scorecard was used to help run the business. He has asked you to introduce this management tool. What is a balanced scorecard and where should you start?


Save on home broadband

While most of a director’s working time is spent at the office, they also need to work at home. This means going online, but HMRC refuses to allow a tax deduction for broadband costs. What steps can you take to save money?


NMW and family employees

As a general rule, all workers must receive the national minimum wage rate that’s appropriate for their age. But what happens if your business employs family members - is there any exemption available that could help cut costs?


Not wild about idling

New research has shown what it really costs to leave an engine running whilst the vehicle is stationary. What’s to know and are the potential savings worth the hassle of switching on and off?


Sell and save

If your company owns shares in another and plans to sell, any gain it makes can qualify for a special tax exemption. But it won’t apply unless conditions are met. If they aren’t, what steps can be taken to cut your tax bill?


Improving efficiency by effective delegation

Your workload is continually increasing so you would like to delegate more to members of your finance team. However, you’re concerned that it might just lead to more work for you if not done properly. How can you ensure you get it right?


Warranty or indemnity?

When purchasing a business the main protection for a buyer comes from the contract. So if your due diligence highlights a particular area of concern, is it better to address it with a warranty or an indemnity clause?


A faster way to sort data

You receive a sales report each week which always needs sorting to make it more useful. You’ve tried to record a macro to undertake the task but it doesn’t work on different-sized reports. What’s the problem and how can you fix it?


Damages for late payment


VAT and disbursements

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