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Year 1 - issue 9 - 24.01.2018


Have tribunal claims really doubled?

New quarterly tribunal statistics for England and Wales indicate that individual claims have increased by 64% since fees were abolished. However, in reality, claims have actually doubled. Why is this?


Morrisons vicariously liable for rogue employee’s data breach

The High Court has found that the supermarket chain Morrisons was vicariously liable for the deliberate disclosure by a rogue employee of personal data belonging to other employees. What was the rationale for this decision and where does it leave employers?


Should you include a whole agreement clause in contracts?

Case law over recent years has highlighted that it’s definitely worth inserting a whole agreement clause into employment contracts. But what does such a clause mean and what are the benefits of routinely including one in contracts?


Implementing a lay-off or short time working

When you’re experiencing a temporary work downturn, one option is to invoke a lay-off or short time working, where you ask employees to stay at home on no or less pay. When can you do it, how long can it last for and what do you need to pay?


How to approach organisational design

Organisational structure creates a foundation upon which a business operates and grows, formally defining the lines of management, authority and responsibility. In growing companies, should it be by strategic design or left to chance, evolving organically as the organisation grows?


Dealing with requests to be accompanied

Workers have a statutory right to be accompanied at a disciplinary hearing. How far does this right extend, what should you do if the worker asks for a companion who isn’t included in the statutory right and what can the companion do at the hearing?


Guide to the General Data Protection Regulation

The Information Commissioner’s Office has published a Guide to the General Data Protection Regulation to help businesses comply with its requirements. Is it worth a read?


What’s the notice pay for an employee absent on sick leave?

If an employee either resigns or is dismissed whilst they’re on long-term sick leave, they’re still either required to give or entitled to receive their notice period. How does this work if they’re absent and what must you pay them?


New statutory payment rates announced


Basic disclosure changes

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