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Capital Allowances - Maximising Relief Claims

A Tips & Advice Special Report about...

In a nutshell

The last few years have seen important changes to the capital allowances regime and more are on the way. This Special Report is your up-to-date guide to the new rules showing legitimate ways to pay less tax. It could be the best investment you'll make this year.

In detail

With this Special Report, you'll quickly get to grips with:

  • The basic computations you need to make
  • The consequences of the reduced annual investment allowance
  • The new rules on plant and equipment in buildings, including:
    • Environmentally friendly equipment
    • Hire purchase equipment
  • The use of short-life assets
  • Integral features
  • Special allowances for enterprise zones

If you don't take the right steps now, your business could lose out permanently. Our Special Report explains, in simple language, what you need to do to make the most of the available allowances.

We've created this Tips & Advice Special Report especially for... 

All business owners, company directors and in-house accountants that want to:

  • Make the most of the available allowances
  • Be fully up to date with the capital allowances rules
  • Have a better understanding of the capital allowances rules

Tax advisors that want to:

  • Help their clients save tax with capital allowances

You'll get the following free extras with this Tips & Advice Special Report... 

An Online Service with ready-to-use documents

  • To immediately apply our advice and solutions in practice
  • That you can easily adapt to suit your own requirements

In this Special Report you'll read about...

Table of contents

1. Introduction

2. First-year allowances

3. Tax credits for green machinery

4. Annual investment allowance

5. Pooling and writing down allowances

6. Short-life assets

7. The £1,000 write-off

8. Integral features and thermal insulation of buildings

9. Fixtures in buildings

10. Business premises renovation allowance

11. Cars

12. Anti-avoidance rules

13. Enterprise zones: tax allowances


APPENDIX 1 - Short-life asset election

APPENDIX 2 - Short-life asset record

APPENDIX 3 - Fixed asset record

APPENDIX 4 - Capital allowances checklist

APPENDIX 5 - Election for plant and machinery purchased with a building - s.198/199 election

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