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VAT for the Building Trade

Tips, tricks and traps for anyone confused by the VAT rules

A Tips & Advice Special Report about...

In a nutshell

Packed with practical examples, this Special Report focuses on two key aims: ensuring that builders don't overpay VAT and getting their VAT returns right for both input tax and output tax, therefore keeping on the right side of HMRC.

In detail

Use this report to:

  • Understand the complex new rules for the reverse charge for builders from March 2021
  • Know when to charge 0% or 5% correctly
  • Consider the potential advantages of the various VAT schemes
  • Understand the industry-specific record keeping requirements
  • Correctly account for VAT on overseas work
  • Explore business splitting for builders close to the VAT threshold

Written by leading VAT experts, this Special Report considers practical situations that commonly occur in the building trade, offering invaluable tips and highlighting the traps to avoid. Recently updated with the latest changes to VAT it's all you need to reduce the burden of VAT.

We've created this Tips & Advice Special Report especially for... 

Everyone involved in the building trade that wants to:

  • Get their VAT returns right
  • Make sure they don’t overpay both input and output tax

Advisors that want to:

  • Be fully informed about the various quirks and opportunities within the legislation that can affect their builder clients

You'll get the following free extras with this Tips & Advice Special Report... 

An online service with ready-to-use documents

  • To immediately apply our advice and solutions in practice
  • That you can easily adapt to suit your own requirements

In this Tips & Advice Special Report you'll read about...

Zero-rated work on new dwellings

Zero-rated work on other new buildings - charitable and relevant residential usage

Reduced-rate work

Accounting for VAT - tax points, invoices and bad debts

Other issues - voluntary registration, input tax

Useful VAT schemes for builders

New reverse charge rules from 1 March 2021

Place of supply rules; business splitting; builders buying their own land to build a new dwelling


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