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A Tips & Advice book about... 

In a nutshell

This book helps you stay compliant, reduce your overheads and improve your green credentials. It provides legally safe documents that cover every possible environment situation. Each one comes with a useful introduction explaining when and how it should be used.

In detail

Bang up-to-date with all the recent legal developments and case law, it contains all the documents needed to stay on the right side of the increasing volume of environmental regulation, in the least-cost way.

  • More than the classic examples that you can find online. Our documents are designed with real-world applications in mind
  • Legally secure. All our documents have been created by experts in the field meaning you don’t have to leave anything to chance or take unnecessary risks
  • Accompanied by detailed information on how to really get the most from each document.
  • Quickly see where and how they should be used for maximum value and effect

This is your source of legally secure, ready-to-use documents to cover practically every environment situation. Plus, with the accompanying  online service you can copy, adapt and print each document to suit your own needs, saving even more time and money.

We've created this Tips & Advice book especially for... 

Business owners, environment managers, SHE managers, environment consultants, company directors that want to:

  • Have the right paperwork in place
  • Stay on the right side of environment legislation in the least-cost way

Advisors that want to:

  • Satisfy their customers' environment requirements

You'll get the following free extras with this Tips & Advice book... 

An online service with ready-to-use documents and/or tools

  • To immediately apply our advice and solutions in practice
  • That you can easily adapt to suit your own requirements

In this book you'll read about...

Table of contents


Chapter 1 - Environmental incidents

Environmental incident - action record

Environmental incident investigation policy and procedure

Environmental incident investigation report

Environmental incident reporting
policy and procedure

Environmental incident - witness statement

Flow chart - non-conformances

Non-conformance and corrective action record - environment

Pollution incident response plan

Chapter 2 - Environmental management systems

Construction - environmental management checklist

Contractor appraisal questionnaire - environment

Environment - continuous improvement plan

Environmental arrangements

Environmental audit checklist

Environmental benchmarking and performance indicators

Environmental fire prevention plan

Environmental management organisational structure

Environmental management responsibilities

Environmental objectives and targets

Environmental organisation

Environmental policy audit

Environmental policy statement

Environmental purchasing policy

Environmental risk assessment procedure

Flood plan

Guidance note - types of environmental management system

ISO 14001 environmental policy statement

Permit compliance checklist

Pesticide log book

Chapter 3 - Statutory nuisance

Dust management checklist

Fume and odour management checklist

Guidance note - how to avoid creating a statutory nuisance

Guidance note - statutory nuisance - enforcement

Noise management checklist

Waste management checklist

Chapter 4 - Noise reduction and control

Environmental noise monitoring record

Guidance note - noise assessment and control

Initial nuisance noise assessment

Low noise hire and purchasing policy

Noise monitoring and assessment
policy and procedure

Nuisance noise reduction and control policy and procedure

Register of environmental legislation - noise and nuisance

Chapter 5 - Waste management

Consignment note

Fly-tipped waste checklist

Guidance note - duty of care

Guidance note - hazardous waste minimisation

Guidance note - managing hazardous waste

Guidance note - selection and management of waste contractors

Register of environmental legislation - waste

Register of hazardous waste
consignment notes

Waste data summary

Waste hierarchy policy

Waste minimisation and recycling policy

Waste reduction checklist

Waste transfer note

Chapter 6 - Water

Guidance note - discharge of waste water

Guidance note - grey water recycling and rainwater harvesting

Register of environmental legislation - water

Waste water management policy
and procedure

Water efficiency policy and procedure

Water pollution risks checklist

Water wastage survey

Chapter 7 - Transport

Corporate transport policy

Guidance note - alternative fuels

Procedures for reducing
unnecessary journeys

Chapter 8 - Energy management

Carbon emissions reduction plan

Energy management policy

Office - energy saving checklist

Register of environmental legislation - energy

Chapter 9 - Environmental impact assessments

Environment aspects and impacts register

Environmental risk assessment

Guidance note - contaminated land
and tax relief

Guidance note - contaminated land emergency control procedure

Guidance note - contaminated land remediation techniques

Guidance note - contaminated soil

Guidance note - dealing with protected species, heritage and cultural aspects

Guidance note - environmental
impact/risk assessments

Guidance note - identifying contaminated land

Chapter 10 - Oil storage

Best practice techniques for preventing oil pollution

Guidance note - oil separators

Guidance note - oil storage

Guidance note - pollution response plan

Oil storage checklist

Oil storage policy and procedure