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Essential Documents for Safe Systems of Work

A Tips & Advice book about... 

In a nutshell

This book is all you need to play it safe in all your work-related tasks. Easy to understand and implement, it gathers over 100 method statements and safe working procedures. It’s fully up to date with the latest rules and legislation and includes 59 new documents on processes and work equipment. Crammed with practical, hands-on information, this book is sure to cut the risk of accidents and mean that tasks are undertaken efficiently.

In detail

To take the risk out of certain work-related tasks, you need to spell out in writing how your employees should complete them safely. This highly readable book is here to help. It breaks down a job or safety procedure into bite-sized chunks and skilfully guides those completing a job, from starting out to clearing up.

It's split across two easy-to-navigate sections:

  1. Method statements
    • For all construction and maintenance-related work
    • Covers a job from start to finish so nothing is left to chance
  2. Safety procedures
    • Breaks the task down
    • Identifies all associated risks so it can safely be completed
    • Covers everything from the use of hand tools to general building maintenance work

In short, this book helps your business stay on the right side of the law whilst keeping your employees safe and productive.

We've created this Tips & Advice book especially for... 

Business owners, employers, health & safety staff, company directors and supervisors that want to:

  • Keep their employees safe and productive
  • Play it safe in all their work-related tasks

You'll get the following free extras with this Tips & Advice book... 

An online service with ready-to-use documents

  • To immediately apply our advice and solutions in practice
  • That you can easily adapt to suit your own requirements

In this Tips & Advice book you'll read about...

Table of contents


Chapter 1 - Method statements

Building a block wall

Building a brick wall

Cleaning and disinfecting a domestic cold water storage tank

Controlling dust on construction sites

Delivery of materials

Drilling holes into concrete

Drilling holes into wood

Drilling into ceramic tiles

Drilling into textured coatings

Erection of a tower scaffold - 3T method

Erection of a tower scaffold - advanced guard rail system

Excavations over 1.2 metres

Excavations under 1.2 metres

Fitting a hardwood window frame

Fitting an external hardwood door and frame

Flushing and disinfection of new hot and cold water systems

Handling and storage of materials

Hot cutting (hot work)

Installing a WC system

Installing copper pipework

Installing MMMF insulation

Installing replacement PVC doors

Installing replacement PVC windows

Laying a hot lay tarmac pavement

Oxy-acetylene welding on site

Paint stripping

Pollarding trees

Post and rail fence erection

Providing temporary electrical installations on construction sites

Reinstating excavations

Reinstating/laying paving slabs

Removal of excavated materials

Removing a WC system

Removing asbestos cement roofing sheets

Removing deadlegs in water systems

Repairing potholes with cold lay tarmac

Temporary hoarding erection

Transporting goods by road

Tree felling using a chainsaw

Underground service detection

Use of a MEWP

Use of a petrol-driven chainsaw

Use of a telehandler

Use of forward tipping dumpers

Use of joiners’/carpenters’ handtools

Use of mechanical excavator

Using a tower scaffold

Work on contaminated land

Working in roof spaces which contain MMMF insulation

Working on the highway

Chapter 2 - Safe systems of work

Car park traffic marshalling

Changing vehicle wheels

Charging fork lift truck batteries

Checking vehicles for roadworthiness

Cleaning external windows

Clearing gutters

Clearing snow and ice by hand

Commercial kitchen cleaning - general

Connecting and disconnecting a 3.9kg butane cylinder

Connecting and disconnecting a 7kg-15kg butane cylinder

Connecting and disconnecting propane cylinders

Dealing with suspicious packages

Disposal of broken glass

Disposal of sharps

Draining vehicle petrol tanks

Driving a fork lift truck

Handling gas cylinders

Inspecting metal extension ladders

Machinery maintenance

Manual handling - team lifting

Moving heavy objects

Office cleaning

Office moves

Portable appliance testing

Power isolation

Removing asbestos cement debris

Replacing machinery guarding

Riding a quad bike

Safe use of garden chemicals

Setting up display screen equipment

Site waste disposal

Storage of hazardous substances

Toilet and restroom cleaning

Use of potentially hazardous substances

Working in lofts and roof spaces

Working on flat roofs

Working on fragile roofs

Working on pitched roofs

Abrasive wheels


Bench-mounted drilling machine

Fire extinguishers (safety procedure)

Floor buffing machine

Hand tools



Metalworking lathe - general

Oxy-acetylene welding and cutting equipment

Petrol-driven chainsaw

Petrol-driven hedge trimmer

Petrol-driven lawnmower

Petrol-driven strimmer

Power-operated crosscut saw

Pressure washer





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