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Employment Memo Legal 2023

A handy, current and user-friendly guide as a printed book and/or updated digital version... 

In a nutshell

Employment Memo Legal will help you deal with your employment law queries quickly, safely and efficiently. It provides expert commentary on all aspects of employment law and practice. Packed with examples and practical advice, it’s accessible and easy to navigate yet covers a wide range of employment issues in just enough depth. Plus, the digital version has been enriched with direct links to judgments and recent cases. It provides you with all the legal detail you need to be sure of your position.

In detail

Employment Memo Legal covers all aspects of employment law and practice. It takes you through the employment relationship from start to finish in a logical way.

  • Types of employment relationship
  • Starting employment
  • Employment contracts
  • Protecting company information
  • Countering corruption and promoting social responsibility
  • Pay and conditions
  • Time on and off
  • Sickness absence
  • Rights of parents and carers
  • Ending employment

The rules surrounding employment are complex and tricky to follow, particularly in areas such as handling discipline and grievance, absence management, and contracts. That's why we've created this Memo. Crammed with useful examples, it makes complex scenarios easier to understand and get to grips with. It's all you need to play it safe in the workplace.


We've created this Memo especially for... 

All employers, personnel staff, HR advisors/consultants and employment lawyers that want to:

  • Stay fully up to date with the ever changing world of employment law
  • Work with their staff in a collaborative and productive way
  • Avoid workplace problems

This edition has been fully revised and updated to include... 

  • Worker status, entitlement to national minimum wage, holiday pay, flexible working, access to social media, secondments, discrimination and tribunal claims;
  • Supporting workers’ mental health, menopause, hybrid working and the increasing use of AI in recruitment and monitoring;
  • Changes to statutory payments, awards, fees and penalties;
  • The extension of the ban on exclusivity clauses to all low-paid worker contracts;
  • Tax and NI news including a draft bill which will increase workers’ rights with regard to tips and gratuities;
  • Changes to the law on strikes;
  • Changes to right to work checks; and
  • Post-Brexit proposals which could fundamentally impact employment rights.

You'll get the following extras with your Memo subscription... 

Email updates

  • Keep you fully up to date with the latest developments
  • Deliver important news directly to your mailbox
  • Link straight to updated Memo paragraphs

Digital newsletter

  • Includes the latest advice on tax, HR and health and safety
  • Delivered directly to your mailbox, every month

Fully updated digital version + Caselinker

  • The digital version of your Memo including the latest updates, podcasts, blog posts and your digital newsletter, available:
    • At memo-online.indicator-flm.co.uk
    • Via the iMemo app from the App Store or from Google Play

    • Download from the App Store    Get it on Google Play

    • The digital version also contains direct links to judgments and recent cases

In this Memo you'll read about...

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You can choose from the following subscription options...

Digital only

  • 24/7 access to your Memo online via memo-online.indicator-flm.co.uk, featuring the full content of the book, the latest updates, podcasts, blog posts and your digital newsletter
  • 24/7 access to your Memo via the iMemo app, whether you're online or not
  • Email updates to keep you fully informed on the latest employment law developments
  • Monthly digital newsletter with the latest advice on tax, HR and health and safety

Paper + digital

  • Everything included in the 'Digital’ subscription + the printed Memo book, delivered direct to your home or business address

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New edition coming soon

Our editors are currently finalising a new edition of this publication.

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