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Tax Calculators & Documents

Easily calculate tax liabilities and improve tax planning

Tax Calculators & Documents is... 

A package of a website and a newsletter to

  • Easily calculate a personal or business tax liability
  • Explore every legitimate tax-saving avenue
  • Ensure that all reliefs and allowances are used
  • Devise a suitable tax-planning strategy
  • Get the tax calculators and documents to work to their full potential

A unique concept...

  • Easy-to-use calculators
  • Practical, field-tested documents
  • 100% safe to use
  • Completely independent advice
  • Full-refund guarantee

A unique collaboration between

  • Our in-house experts
  • A broad network of specialists who are experts in their fields

We've created this package especially for... 

Company directors, business owners, in-house accounts staff and in-house finance staff that want to:

  • Easily calculate how much tax they can save in different scenarios

Accountants and tax advisors that want to:

  • Readily help their clients devise a suitable tax-saving and planning strategy for their business

You'll benefit from the following resources... 

Monthly newsletter

  • Practical, field-tested advice on how to get our tax-saving calculators and documents to work to their full potential, by e-mail and optionally by post

Tax calculators & tools

  • A suite of powerful calculators to help you maximise your tax savings

Tax documents

  • Expertly drafted and ready-to-customise tax documents to streamline your procedures and deal with HMRC

Tax rates

  • An extensive directory of tax rates to keep you up to date with all the vital numbers

E-mail services

  • To keep you fully informed about new and updated resources
  • That link directly to these resources
  • To deliver news and advice directly to your mailbox
  • That you can easily subscribe to or unsubscribe from - you manage what you receive

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