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2 books that guarantee your personnel and HR documents are watertight

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A Tips & Advice book about... 

In a nutshell

This book guarantees that your personnel and HR practices are legally safe. It includes over 350 ready-to-use documents, policies, letters, clauses and procedures on topics such as homeworking, parental leave, sickness absence, maternity, holidays and so much more. Each one of our documents is 100% safe to use and is accompanied by a handy introduction explaining how to get the most from it. It’s an indispensable set of documents for all business owners and HR managers who want to deal with their staff in a legally safe and trouble-free way.

In detail

Using the right workplace documents is more vital now than ever. This book provides a comprehensive set of documents split across 9 chapters:

  1. Clauses
  2. Policies
  3. Changing terms & conditions and TUPE
  4. Sickness absence
  5. Time off and holidays
  6. Maternity, paternity, adoption and parental rights
  7. Data protection
  8. Trade unions
  9. Personnel management - company rules

You’ll also benefit from a free online service so that you can easily download and amend the documents to suits the needs of your business - saving you time and hassle.

We've created this Tips & Advice book especially for... 

Personnel/HR managers and staff, HR consultants, business owners, company directors that want to:

  • Always have the right HR documents in place
  • Understand how to use these documents to their full effect 

You'll get the following free extras with this Tips & Advice book... 

An online service with ready-to-use documents

  • To immediately apply our advice and solutions in practice
  • That you can easily adapt to suit your own requirements

In this Tips & Advice book you'll read about...

Chapter 1 - Clauses

Accommodation clause

Apprenticeship agreement

Approved English apprenticeship agreement

Blanket power to vary contract clause

Bonus payment clause

Casual worker agreement

Checklist of information needed to draft restrictive covenants

Commission clause

Compassionate leave clause

Confidentiality clause

Consultancy agreement

Consultancy offer letter

Contract drafting checklist

COT3 clause

Credit and charge card clause

Deductions from wages clause

Demotion clause

Deputising clause

Director’s service agreement

Driving licence requirement clause

Electronic signatures clause

Employed or self-employed checklist

Employee contract pay in lieu of notice clause

Employee warranties

Extra bank holidays clause

Fixed-term contract clause

Flexible job duties clause

Flexitime clause

Garden leave clause

GDPR data processor clauses

GDPR data protection clause

GDPR employee monitoring clause

Governing law and jurisdiction clause

Holiday pay on termination clause

Holiday shutdown clause

Intellectual property clause

Job-share clause

Lay-off and short time working clause

Limiting disciplinary procedure clause

List of gross misconduct offences

Medical examinations clause

Mobility and relocation clause

No oral variation clause

Notices clause

On-call work clause

Opt-out clause

Other benefits in kind clause

Outside business interests clause

Overtime and time off in lieu clause

Part-time employee clauses

Pay secrecy clause

Permission for employee to have second job while on sick pay clause

Personal property clause

Preserving staff dignity statement

Probation period clause

Public statements clause

Reporting procedure

Requirement to live near work clause

Requirement to travel clause

Rest periods and rest breaks clause

Restrictions on authority clause

Restrictive covenant clauses

Retirement clause

Return of company property clause

Right to work clause

Secondment agreement

Shift work clause

Sick pay clause

Statement of changes to employment particulars

Statement of employment particulars checklist

Student sponsorship agreement

Suspension clause

Third party pressure to dismiss clause

Third party rights clause

Training costs agreement

Training requirement clause

Whole agreement clause

Work outside the UK clause

Written statement of employment particulars

Zero-hours contract clause

Chapter 2 - Policies

Adoption leave and pay policy

Agency workers policy

Alcohol and drugs policy

Anti-bribery policy

Anti-slavery and human trafficking policy

Appraisal policy

Bereavement policy

Birthdays policy

Bring your own device policy

Business travel and environment safeguarding policy

Buying and selling holiday policy

Canteen facilities policy

Career breaks policy

Cars and car allowances policy

Cash handling policy

Cashback websites policy

CCTV policy

Clear desk policy

Collections, sponsorship and selling of goods policy

Computer policy

Conduct whilst on company business policy

Corporate hospitality policy

Criminal offences committed by staff policy

Death of employee policy

Dignity at work policy

Domestic abuse policy

Domestic emergencies policy

Dress and appearance policy

Driving whilst on company-related business policy

Duvet day policy

Email and internet policy

Employee of the month policy

Employee referral scheme policy

Employment of ex-offenders policy

English only policy

Enhanced redundancy payments policy

Equal opportunities policy

First aiders payment policy

Flexible working policy

Food at desks policy

GDPR data protection policy

Gifts from clients/suppliers policy

Health and safety policy

Holidays policy

Homeworking policy

Induction policy

Internal fraud policy

Leaves of absence policy

Letter enclosing a company policy

Listening to music policy

Loans policy

Lone working policy

Long service awards policy

Maternity policy

Mediation policy

Medical and dental appointments policy

Menopause policy

No smoking policy

Notice periods policy

Parental bereavement leave policy

Parental leave policy

Paternity leave policy

Payroll giving policy

Personal relationships at work policy

Petty cash policy

Policy version form

Political activity policy

Pool car policy

Promotion policy

Provision of accommodation policy

Recruitment policy

Redundancy policy

References policy

Reimbursement of expenses policy

Religious observance policy

Relocation policy

Resignation policy

Retirement policy

Right to search policy

Season ticket loans policy

Severe disruption policy

Shared parental leave and pay policy

Sickness absence policy

Social media policy

Sporting and special events policy

Staff discounts policy

Staff handbook guidelines

Staff handbook introduction

Stress and mental wellbeing policy

Telephone policy

Time off for dependants policy

Time to train policy

Timekeeping policy

Training and development policy

Transgender equality policy

Unauthorised absence policy

Use of company equipment policy

Voluntary and charity work policy

Whistleblowing policy

Working Time Regulations policy

Chapter 3 - Changing terms & conditions and TUPE

Ballot form for election of employee reps

Change of job letter

Deputising letter

Employment contract variation flow chart 1

Employment contract variation flow chart 2

Invitation to nominate as employee representative in TUPE situations

Job share particulars

Letter confirming a reduction in hours request

Letter confirming agreement to vary terms of contract of employment

Letter confirming an increase in hours request

Letter designating employee as furloughed

Letter extending furlough

Letter informing employee of possible relocation of business premises

Letter informing employee that the business is relocating

Letter inviting consultation in accordance with TUPE

Letter notifying of employer change of name

Letter seeking agreement to furlough

Letter seeking agreement to vary employment contract terms

Letter terminating employment and offering re-employment on new terms

Letter to staff before a TUPE transfer

Letter to staff following a TUPE transfer

Notice of return to normal working

Notice of return to work from furlough

Proposal to dismiss and re-employ on new terms

TUPE election for pre-transfer consultation

TUPE employee liability information letter

TUPE employee liability information request letter

TUPE employee rep role explanation letter

TUPE employee reps election result notice

TUPE information and consultation checklist

TUPE provision of proposed measures letter

TUPE request for details of proposed measures letter

Variation of terms of contract of employment letter (in exercise of a contractual power)

Varying TUPE terms checklist

Chapter 4 - Sickness absence

Absence management appeal meeting response

Attendance procedure

Confirmation of outcome of long-term incapacity dismissal appeal meeting

Consent to medical report follow up letter

Conversion of sickness absence to holiday form

Dismissal due to unsatisfactory attendance

Fitness for work self-declaration form

Letter advising employee to remain at home until medical evidence obtained about suitability to work

Letter chasing statement of fitness for work

Letter enclosing Form SSP1

Letter notifying reversion to SSP

Letter of dismissal on long-term incapacity grounds

Letter requesting attendance at a medical examination and medical examination consent form

Letter requesting consent to obtain medical report and medical report consent form

Letter to doctor requesting medical report

Letter to sick employee requesting contact

Letter treating uncertified sickness absence as unauthorised

Letter withdrawing SSP

May be fit for work acknowledgement letter

Medical examination request to independent doctor

Meeting request following a period of long-term incapacity

Notice of absence management appeal meeting

Notice of absence management meeting

Notification of long-term incapacity dismissal appeal meeting

Notification of long-term incapacity meeting

Record of home visit with sick employee

Reply to request to convert holiday to sickness absence

Self-certification of sickness absence form

Warning/final warning of unsatisfactory attendance

Chapter 5 - Time off and holidays

Client handover sheet

Compassionate leave rejection letter

Deferral of jury service letter

Failure to return from holiday letter

Holiday request form

Letter confirming a career break

Letter declining a career break

Letter explaining time off for fertility treatment

Letter proposing a change of holiday year

Letter recrediting holiday

Letter rejecting time off for elective medical procedure

Letter rejecting time off for religious festival

Letter to bereaved employee

Notice to take holiday during notice period

Notice to take holiday

Offer of voluntary internship letter

Reminder to take holiday

Reply to request to carry over holiday

Request to buy or sell holiday form

Request to carry over holiday form

Response to request to cancel or amend holiday

Special leave request form

Time off for jury service letter

Time off for public duties

Unauthorised absence letter

Chapter 6 - Maternity, paternity, adoption and parental rights

Acknowledgement of discontinuous periods of SPL

Acknowledgement of notification of adoption leave letter

Acknowledgement of notification of maternity leave letter

Acknowledgement of single period of SPL

Adoption appointment eligibility declaration

Adoption leave checklist

Adoption leave request form

Antenatal appointment eligibility declaration

Approval of parental leave request

Approval of paternity leave request

Breastfeeding arrangements letter

Change of adoption leave request

Change of maternity leave request

Declaration of consent and entitlement to SPL

Failure to return from maternity leave letter

Family emergencies absence form

Insufficient notice of return from maternity leave

Job vacancy letter during parent-related leave

Letter discussing removal of health risks during pregnancy

Letter inviting employee to attend a SPLIT day

Letter notifying change to adoption leave dates

Letter notifying change to maternity leave dates

Letter postponing parental leave

Letter refusing discontinuous periods of SPL

Letter requesting evidence for SPL

Letter suspending an employee during pregnancy

Letter to employee not returning from maternity leave

Letter to employee on maternity leave

Letter triggering maternity leave due to absence for pregnancy-related reasons

Maternity checklist

Maternity leave or adoption leave curtailment notice

Maternity leave plan

Notice of birth for paternity leave

Notice of entitlement to SPL - father or partner

Notice of entitlement to SPL – mother or adopter

Notifying end date after automatic commencement of maternity leave

Offer of alternative work during family leave

Offer of suitable alternative work during pregnancy

Parental bereavement leave and pay form

Parental leave request form

Paternity leave request form

Paternity rights following loss of pregnancy letter

Period of leave notice for shared parental leave

Pregnancy-related absence form

Refusal of a parental leave request

Reply to keeping in touch day request

Reply to request for early return from adoption leave

Reply to request for early return from maternity leave

Return from maternity leave letter

Rights following loss of pregnancy letter

SMP ineligibility letter

Standard paternity leave checklist

Trial flexible working arrangement letter

Chapter 7 - Data protection

GDPR consent to use of employee’s image

GDPR data breach policy and response plan

GDPR data protection impact assessment

GDPR data subject access clarification/refusal

GDPR data subject access request form

GDPR data subject access response letter

GDPR employee data processing checklist

GDPR erasure of data request form

GDPR erasure of data response letter

GDPR legitimate interests assessment

GDPR letter notifying personal data breach

GDPR personal data breaches register

GDPR privacy notice for job applicants

GDPR privacy notice for staff

GDPR rectification of data request form

GDPR register of data subject access requests

GDPR time extension for subject access response

Letter to ex-employee threatening to contact ICO

Record of personal data processing activities

Chapter 8 - Trade unions

Compulsory trade union recognition flow chart 1

Compulsory trade union recognition flow chart 2

Compulsory trade union recognition flow chart 3

Trade union recognition agreement

Chapter 9 - Personnel managment - company rules

Bribery report form

Change of circumstances form

Checklist of practical steps to protect businesses from breaches of confidentiality

Corporate hospitality report form

Gifts report form

Informal meeting request

Internal announcement of employee’s return to work

Letter acknowledging whistleblowing disclosure

Letter confirming charity cake bake rules

Letter explaining opt-out rights for betting workers

Letter requiring removal of social media postings

Letter to employee who is imposing strong beliefs

Licence to occupy

Notice of staff meeting outside normal working hours

Notice to discuss dress policy breach

Staff toilet upkeep memo

Statement in advance of a work-related event

Suspension on medical grounds letter

Transgender action plan

A Tips & Advice book about... 

In a nutshell

This book provides you with over 280 ready-to-use documents to help you hire, fire and manage your staff. All our documents are legally safe to use and include a handy introduction that details how to get the best from each one. This book is just what you need to deal with all those knotty personnel problems in a safe, flexible and cost-effective way.

In detail

When it comes to personnel practices, it’s vital that your paperwork is watertight. Whether it’s to deal with a flexible working request or poor performance, you need to have the proper documents in place. To help you tackle these issues with ease and security, we’ve created this book. Split across 10 chapters, it covers:

  1. Recruitment
  2. Probation
  3. Appraisals, promotion and training
  4. Flexible working
  5. Pay and pensions
  6. Disciplinary, capability and dismissal
  7. Grievance
  8. Redundancy
  9. Termination
  10. Personnel management

It comes with a free online service so that you can easily download and adapt the documents to the needs of your business - saving you time and hassle.

We've created this Tips & Advice book especially for... 

Personnel/HR managers and staff, HR consultants, business owners, company directors that want to:

  • Always have the right HR documents in place
  • Understand how to use these documents to their full effect 

You'll get the following free extras with this Tips & Advice book... 

An online service with ready-to-use documents

  • To immediately apply our advice and solutions in practice
  • That you can easily adapt to suit your own requirements

In this Tips & Advice book you'll read about...

Chapter 1 - Recruitment

Academic qualifications request

Acknowledgement of application letter

Application form

Character reference questionnaire

Criminal records check clawback agreement

Election for extended hire period for agency worker

Election for quarantine period for agency worker

Election to pay transfer fee for agency worker

Equal opportunities monitoring form

Extension of fixed-term contract letter

Induction checklist

Instruction to supply temporary worker

Interview expenses claim form

Invitation to attend interview letter

IT security induction helpsheet

Job description and person specification

Job trial offer letter

Key information document for agency workers

Letter advising social media will be disregarded

Letter confirming membership of professional body

Letter enquiring about reasonable adjustments

Letter of consent to medical examination pre-appointment

Letter requesting basic disclosure certificate

Letter requesting return of contract of employment

Letter to new employer enforcing restrictive covenants

Letter withdrawing conditional offer of appointment

Letter withdrawing offer of appointment

Making a job offer checklist

New starter checklist

New starter form

Offer of appointment letter

Offer of paid internship letter

Personal statement review helpsheet

Pre-employment checklist

Preventing illegal working letter

Previous employment confirmation request

Professional qualifications request

Recruitment authorisation form

Recruitment checklist

Reference reply

Reference request

References consent form

Register of keys and alarm codes

Rejection of candidate after interview letter

Rejection of candidate before interview letter

Renewal of fixed-term employment letter

Response to unsolicited CV

Right to work checklist

Verification of qualifications consent form

Chapter 2 - Probation

Extension of probationary period letter

Notification of probation period review meeting

Probation checklist

Probation period review form

Satisfactory probationary period letter

Chapter 3 - Appraisals, promotions and training

Appraisal procedure and form

Assessment of potential for promotion

Confirmation of time off for training request withdrawal

Confirming extension of time for next step of time off for training request

Equal opportunities training record

Letter extending apprenticeship

Outcome of time to train appeal meeting

Performance progress record

Promotion letter

Self-appraisal form

Time to train acceptance letter

Time to train appeal meeting letter

Time to train application form

Time to train meeting letter

Time to train rejection letter

Training feedback form

Whistleblowing at work training notes

Whistleblowing training record

Chapter 4 - Flexible working

Extension of flexible working decision period

Flexible working acceptance letter

Flexible working appeal - invitation to appeal meeting

Flexible working application form

Flexible working rejection letter

Flexible working request - invitation to meeting

Homeworking checklist

Ineligible for flexible working letter

Letter confirming flexible working request withdrawn

Letter confirming trial flexible working arrangement

Letter reminding employee of flexible working arrangement terms

Letter revoking trial flexible working arrangement

Outcome of flexible working appeal meeting letter

Response to invalid flexible working request

Trial flexible working arrangement extension letter

Chapter 5 - Pay and pensions

Advance notice of cash shortages and stock deficiencies

Auto-enrolment postponement letter

Bonus payment letter

Confirmation of juror’s loss of earnings

Death benefit expression of wishes form

Eligible jobholders’ automatic enrolment letter

Expenses claim form

Fair piece rate notice

Information and consultation checklist - occupational and personal pension schemes

Itemised pay statement

Letter advising of NMW rate increase (due to age)

Letter advising of NMW rate increase (due to legislation)

Letter advising of NMW rate freeze

Letter confirming pension contribution increase

Letter for entitled workers

Letter for non-eligible jobholders

Letter for workers already in a qualifying pension scheme

Letter providing NMW statement

Letter rejecting expenses claim

Letter seeking agreement to reduce pay to avoid redundancies

Notification of pay freeze letter

Overpayment of wages letter for ex-employee

Overpayment of wages letter

Pension auto-enrolment: record of employees enrolled

Real Living Wage increase advice letter

Retention bonus letter

Salary review letter

Salary sacrifice form

Unmeasured worker daily average agreement

Chapter 6 - Disciplinary, capability and dismissal

Accepting resignation during disciplinary process

Alternative disciplinary sanctions letter

Capability procedure

Confirmation of no further disciplinary action

Dealing with poor performance checklist

Disciplinary demotion letter

Disciplinary hearing order of proceedings

Disciplinary investigation report

Disciplinary procedure

Disciplinary proceedings checklist

Dismissal due to poor performance

Dismissal with notice letter (misconduct)

Dismissal without notice letter (gross misconduct)

Employee disciplinary record

External witness statement request letter

Failure to attend disciplinary hearing letter

Incapacity checklist

Letter advising appeal is out of time

Letter appointing a disciplinary investigation manager

Letter confirming expiry of a warning

Letter enclosing witness confidentiality agreement and undertaking

Letter enclosing workplace companion confidentiality agreement

Letter excluding employee from disciplinary hearing

Letter following disciplinary appeal hearing

Letter following poor performance appeal meeting

Letter following receipt of medical certificate during suspension

Letter inviting employee to mediation

Letter lifting suspension

Letter offering options for a disciplinary hearing

Letter refusing choice of companion

Letter rescheduling disciplinary hearing

Letter to doctor seeking advice on whether employee fit to attend a disciplinary hearing

Letter to external mediator

Letter to sick employee postponing a disciplinary hearing

Letter warning actions will be viewed as potential gross misconduct

Mediation checklist

Minutes of disciplinary hearing

Misconduct checklist

No disciplinary action letter

Notice of disciplinary appeal hearing

Notice of performance review meeting

Notice of poor performance appeal meeting

Notification of disciplinary hearing

Notification of disciplinary investigation

Performance review meeting order of proceedings

Post-disciplinary hearing checklist

Post-dismissal checklist

Pre-dismissal checklist

Request to attend investigatory meeting

Suspension letter

Tribunal preparation checklist

Warning/final warning of poor performance

Witness confidentiality agreement and undertaking

Witness statement checklist

Witness statement record

Workplace companion confidentiality agreement

Written warning and final written warning

Chapter 7 - Grievance

Accepting resignation during grievance process

Employee grievance record

Grievance drafting guidance

Grievance investigation plan

Grievance investigation report

Grievance meeting order of proceedings

Grievance procedure

Informal resolution of grievance letter

Letter acknowledging harassment complaint

Letter following grievance appeal meeting

Letter informing employee of grievance against them

Letter notifying outcome of grievance meeting

Letter rejecting repeated grievance

Letter rescheduling grievance meeting

Minutes of grievance meeting

Notice of grievance appeal meeting

Notification of grievance meeting

Reply to retraction of grievance

Retraction of grievance form

Chapter 8 - Redundancy

Acceptance of volunteer for redundancy letter

Collective consultation letter

Collective redundancy information and consultation checklist

Confirmation of outcome of redundancy appeal meeting

Counter-notice to notice of intention to claim a redundancy payment letter

Dismissal on notice letter due to redundancy letter

Employee rep role explanation letter

First redundancy consultation letter

Information and consultation flow chart

Invitation to nominate as employee representative in redundancy situations

Letter confirming no compulsory redundancies necessary

Letter inviting employees to elect employee representatives

Letter to wider workforce about redundancy situation

Letter withdrawing redundancy notice due to change of circumstances

Notification of potential redundancy meeting

Notification of redundancy appeal meeting

Objection to early departure on redundancy

Offer of alternative work

Redundancy payment calculation

Redundancy payments ready reckoner

Redundancy selection assessment

Redundancy termination notice

Rejection of volunteer for redundancy letter

Second redundancy consultation letter

Selection criteria

Successful trial period in alternative work

Time off to look for work on redundancy letter

Unsuccessful trial period in alternative work

Voluntary redundancy termination notice

Chapter 9 - Termination

Confirmation of dismissal due to statutory bar

Confirmation of dismissal for some other substantial reason

Confirmation of outcome of appeal meeting

Dismissal at end of probationary period letter

Dismissal for taking part in industrial action

Dismissal on notice due to unsatisfactory performance/conduct letter

Dismissal or dismissal under consideration after receipt of resignation

Dismissal without notice letter (absent employee)

Early release from notice letter

Ex gratia termination payment receipt

Exit questionnaire

Fixed-term contract expiry dismissal letter

Frustration of contract letter

Internal statement announcing employee’s departure

Letter advising employee has left

Letter confirming payment in lieu of notice

Letter following SOSR or statutory bar appeal meeting

Letter requesting employee work longer notice period

Letter retracting heat of the moment dismissal

Letter to accompany settlement agreement

Letter to competitor about employee on garden leave

Letter to discuss resignation

Letter to ex-employee enforcing restrictive covenants

Notice of potential dismissal (FTC expiry)

Notice of SOSR or statutory bar appeal meeting

Notification of appeal meeting

Notification of potential dismissal (SOSR or statutory bar)

Notification of potential dismissal meeting

Reply to resignation during lay-off or short time working

Response to “heat of the moment” resignation

Response to resignation

Response to retirement notification

Retirement form

Schedule of loss checklist

Settlement agreement meeting proposal letter

Settlement agreement proposal checklist

Settlement agreement

Statement of reasons for dismissal

Withdrawal of resignation acceptance

Chapter 10 - Personnel managment

Agency worker day one right response letter

Agreement for loan repayment

Disability agreed adjustments record

Employee weekly timesheet

Employment overview record

EU Settlement Scheme reminder letter

Health questionnaire for night workers

Invitation to absent employee to work-related event

Lay offs and short-time working checklist

Letter asking about secondary work

Letter following informal discussion of minor misconduct

Letter following informal discussion of minor poor performance

Letter imposing a lay-off or short time working (in exercise of a specific contractual power)

Letter informing agency worker of rights after twelve weeks

Letter seeking agreement to a lay-off or short time working

Letter to employee’s emergency contact

Letter to next of kin on death of employee

Loan application form

Opt-out agreement

Right to search authorisation form

Staff discounts record

Sunday trading statutory rights statement

Sunday working opt-in letter

Workplace sweepstake rules