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Post-Brexit Customs Procedures: The Key Points

A Tips & Advice Special Report about...

In a nutshell

There have been widespread reports of delays, chaos at the border and increased costs which are associated with changes to customs procedures post-Brexit. This Special Report will help you minimise these problems so that your intra-EU trade can continue uninterrupted.

In detail

It covers the key concepts you need to be familiar with taken from real life queries, including:

  • Considerations prior to trading
    • Reviewing EU trade post-Brexit
    • EORI numbers: GB, NI and EU
  • Trading procedures
    • Incoterms - setting out respective responsibilities
    • The importance of commodity codes, and how they work
    • Rules of origin and the significant post-Brexit confusion it is causing
    • Controlled goods and the extra requirements needed
  • Measures to help with the changes
    • Temporary import reliefs
    • Postponed VAT accounting

In easy to follow language and containing practical examples, this Special Report will fully equip you to deal with customers, freight agents and HMRC in a trouble-free way.

We've created this Tips & Advice Special Report especially for... 

Everyone involved in trading with the EU who wants to:

  • Handle post-Brexit trade in a trouble-free way
  • Make sense of the new customs procedures

Advisors that want to:

  • Get a clear overview of the new post-Brexit customs procedures

In this Tips & Advice Special Report you'll read about...

Prior to trading

Reviewing EU trading in the wake of Brexit

EORI numbers

Trading procedures

Incoterms 2020 - who is responsible for what?

Using commodity codes to determine the correct duty level

Rules of origin

Dealing in controlled goods

Measures to help with the changes

Temporary import reliefs

Postponed VAT accounting

Final thoughts and next steps

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