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Tax and NI Savings for Advisors

A Tips & Advice book about... 

In a nutshell

This book provides you with a powerful collection of tax and NI-saving tips that you can implement right off the page. It’s written for advisors like you and includes realistic scenarios so you can relate the content directly to your clients and answer their questions with confidence. This hands-on guide is a must-have to help you proactively save your clients tax and NI.

In detail

In plain English, this book covers all the main UK taxes. It shows how to make savings on corporation tax, capital gains tax, inheritance tax, VAT and NI. It’s crammed with useful tips and clearly structured for your ease of use.

  • Explains the legislation in simple terms
  • Applies the law to realistic scenarios in context
  • Covers easy-to-follow steps to implement the planning
  • Gives you a series of handy tips with a clear conclusion
  • Includes a collection of claims, elections, template letters and sample documents

This practical book is sure to save your clients’ tax and NI and add more value to your work.

We've created this Tips & Advice book especially for... 

All advisors that want to:

  • Proactively save tax and NI for their clients
  • Save time in getting to grips with all the tax and NI rules

You'll get the following free extras with this Tips & Advice book... 

An online service with ready-to-use documents

  • To immediately apply our advice and solutions in practice
  • That you can easily adapt to suit your own requirements

In this Tips & Advice Book you'll read about...

Part 1 - Business taxes

1. How to maximise corporation tax relief for bad debts

2. How to include minor children in your family company tax-efficiently

3. How to make deductions for your fees associated with HMRC enquiries

4. How to avoid s.455 tax on a director’s loan

5. How to ensure efficiency when making termination payments

6. How to use a de-grouping charge to your client’s advantage

7. How to secure capital treatment for a share buyback using a management buyout

8. How to secure protection from the corporate interest restriction rules

9. How to avoid tax charges on a transfer of assets within a group of companies

10. How to make the most of the herd basis election

11. How to use case law to avoid traps when raising finance via the EIS

12. How companies can make tax-efficient investments

13. How to split company ownership to save income tax

14. How to utilise rollover relief with a company

15. How to claim relief for a company’s pre-trading finance costs

16. How to optimise company losses to improve cash flow

Part 2 - CGT

17. How to close down a company tax-efficiently

18. How to avoid losing entrepreneurs’ relief due to dilution of shareholdings

19. How to sell a company to the employees with no tax using an employee ownership trust

20. How to use rollover relief to defer capital gains tax

21. How to maximise SEIS exemption relief when making a carry back claim

22. How to use warranties to maximise entrepreneurs’ relief when selling shares with an earn-out arrangement

23. How to secure relief for land sold under a compulsory purchase order

24. How to avoid double taxation on development land sales

25. How to reduce the CGT rate on a residential property disposal

26. How to get a tax-free lump sum by leasing residential property to a company

27. How to mimic entrepreneurs’ relief for goodwill on incorporation

28. How to use the chattels exemption to save tax on a property sale

29. How to claim holdover relief for non-business assets

30. How to avoid a bill when exchanging joint interests in land

Part 3 - Employees

31. How to take advantage of two employment allowances

32. How to get the advantages of an HMRC-approved share option scheme without actually using one

33. How to ensure the cost of medical procedures for employees qualifies as an exempt benefit

34. How to implement an all-employee share plan

35. How to make a tax-free reward for long service

36. How to provide more than one mobile phone to employees

37. How to make a tax-free cash gift to an employee

38. How to make the most of mileage rates for employees

39. How to avoid traps with employee discounts

40. How to avoid problems with trivial benefits

Part 4 - IHT

41. How to use a deed of variation as an alternative to potentially unwanted attention from HMRC

42. How to avoid losing business property relief when entering into a joint venture

43. How to use a trading company to shelter residential property from tax

44. How to use trusts for tax planning in the modern age

45. How to avoid losing business property relief when you retire

46. How to avoid mistakes with IHT taper relief

47. How to stop an old incorporation increasing an IHT bill

48. How to structure lifetime gifts effectively to avoid IHT charges

49. How to use a discounted gift trust for succession planning

50. How can a property business qualify for IHT relief?

51. How to use the 4% charity IHT break to save money

52. How to use quick succession relief to reduce IHT

53. How to avoid issues with excepted assets and the family company

Part 5 - Non-doms

54. How can you ensure your overseas clients pay minimal capital gains tax on disposals of UK property?

55. How to use tax-efficient planning to help make remittances to the UK without triggering a charge

56. How can clients take advantage of the foreign loss election?

57. How to avoid being caught by the “deemed domicile” rules

58. How to secure split year treatment when leaving the UK

Part 6 - Other individuals

59. How to avoid the pensions annual allowance taper

60. How to use interest to save tax on profit extraction

61. How to invest in tangible tax-efficient property without becoming a landlord

62. How to claim relief for loan payments made as a guarantor

63. How to avoid issues with the money purchase annual allowance

64. How to save tax on a rental property by opting out of the cash basis

65. How to optimise profit extraction

66. How to use losses against personal income after incorporation

Part 7 - VAT

67. How to take advantage of VAT grouping

68. How to save VAT on building work

69. How to use tax points to gain a tax advantage?

70. How to save VAT using the flat rate scheme?

71. How to protect against VAT penalties accruing later on

72. How can partially exempt businesses take advantage of the rules to save VAT?

73. How to save VAT by revoking the option to tax

74. How to save VAT on professional services

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