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Tax for Non-residents and Non-domiciles Made Clear

A Tips & Advice book about... 

In a nutshell

This book unravels the tricky tax issues that affect individual non-UK residents and non-domiciled UK residents. In clear language, it covers the rules surrounding tax compliance and highlights tax-planning opportunities to protect your wealth.

In detail

This book provides straightforward answers to questions such as:

  • How long can you spend in the UK without becoming a tax resident (the statutory residence test)?
  • When does split year treatment apply?
  • What are the tax opportunities and traps for non-residents and what rules apply?
  • How do double tax treaties and double tax relief work?
  • What are the UK tax implications of retiring overseas?
  • What is the remittance basis?

In addition, it contains a handy set of documents to help implement the planning ideas discussed, plus other useful reference material.

We've created this Tips & Advice book especially for... 

Anyone that wants to:

  • Have a clear view on the tax implications of their residence and domicile status
  • Use their residence status to enjoy tax savings

Tax advisors and accountants that want to:

  • Learn more about the tax implications of residence and domicile status
  • Provide valuable tax planning tips for non-UK residents and non-domiciled UK residents

You'll get the following free extras with this Tips & Advice book... 

An online service with ready-to-use documents

  • To immediately apply our advice and solutions in practice
  • That you can easily adapt to suit your own requirements

Table of contents


1. The concept of residence and domicile

1.1. Residence

1.2. Domicile

1.3. Residence and domicile working together

2. Residence and the statutory residence test

2.1. Statutory residence test

2.3. Automatic overseas test

2.4. Automatic UK test

2.5. Sufficient ties test

2.6. The five connecting ties

2.7. Dual residence

2.8. Is it possible to be tax resident nowhere and pay no tax at all?

3. Splitting the tax year

3.1. Split year rules

3.2. The cases for leavers

3.3. The cases for arrivers

4. Tax treaties and double tax relief

4.1. Double taxation agreements

4.2. Personal allowance by virtue of a tax treaty

5. Becoming non-resident - rules, opportunities and traps

5.1. Becoming non-resident

5.2. Becoming a non-resident landlord

5.3. Other UK income

5.4. Working overseas for a UK employer

5.5. Capital gains tax

6. Retiring overseas

6.1. Overview

6.2. State pension considerations

6.3. Private pensions

6.4. Other matters

7. Domicile - and the remittance basis

7.1. Domicile

7.2. The remittance basis

7.3. April 2017 changes - deemed domicile and rebasing

8. Planning for the non-domiciled

8.1. Tax-free remittances

8.2. Clean capital and making remittances

8.3. Business investment relief

8.4. Other matters

8.5. Foreign losses

9. Inheritance tax

9.1. Overview of UK inheritance tax

9.2. Domicile and IHT

9.3. Spouses

9.4. Shedding a UK domicile

10. Appendices

Appendix 1. Schedule 45 Finance Act 2013 - the SRT

Appendix 2. Information about joint ownership

Appendix 3. Domicile flowcharts

Appendix 4. Current OECD model tax agreement

Appendix 5. List of countries with a double tax agreement with the UK

Appendix 6. Mixed fund ordering guidance

11. Documents

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