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Trading Online - The Tax Implications

A Tips & Advice Special Report about...

In a nutshell

With this Special Report, we help you save tax on all your e-commerce activities. We look at how e-commerce fits into the tax system generally and the rules which apply to the unique aspects of trading online. Easy to follow, it will help you get to grips with the tricky tax and VAT regime and maximise tax relief for the costs of your business’ online presence.

In detail

This Special Report covers what you need to know. In plain English, it safely guides you through the maze of rules. It deals with:

  • Buying and selling through online marketplaces
  • Tax on occasional trading online
  • Tax relief for software and websites
  • Deductions for intangible assets like logos
  • Tax residency where you sell to foreign customers
  • VAT considerations:
    • VAT for digital services in the UK and abroad
    • VAT mini one stop shop (MOSS)
  • Trades involving Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies

This Special Report demystifies the rules and puts you in control, enabling your business to make the most of the trading opportunities offered by the Internet.

We've created this Tips & Advice Special Report especially for... 

Company directors, business owners or anyone involved in e-commerce that want to:

  • Save tax on all their e-commerce activities

Tax advisors and accountants that want to:

  • Help their clients maximise tax relief for their business’ online presence
  • Stay up to speed with the latest tax and VAT rules related to e-commerce

You'll get the following free extras with this Tips & Advice Special Report... 

An online service with ready-to-use documents

  • To immediately apply our advice and solutions in practice
  • That you can easily adapt to suit your own requirements

In this Tips & Advice Special Report you'll read about...

Table of contents


General tax considerations - beginning an online business

VAT - UK aspects on online trading

International trade

International trade - VAT aspects


Appendix A. How to register when you start a business

Appendix B. Main income tax rates

Appendix C. Court decisions

Appendix D. VAT business splitting

Appendix E. Corporation tax and intangible assets

Appendix F. Capital allowances

Appendix G. Transaction covered by the loan relationship rules

Appendix H. Use of home for the purposes of an unincorporated business

Appendix I. VAT mini one stop shop (MOSS)

Appendix J. Schedule 5 services - treated as supplied where received

Appendix K. Evidence to show that goods have left the UK

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