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199 Tax Deductions - Everything the Taxman Doesn't Want You to Know About

A Tips & Advice book about... 

In a nutshell

This highly usable book helps keep your tax bill down. It brings together 199 real-world deductions that you shouldn’t miss out on. Our fresh approach and straightforward style ensure you're able to take maximum advantage of the available tax breaks. Plus, all the suggested deductions have been field tested by our team of experts and are legally safe to use. You've nothing to lose but a whole load of tax to save.

In detail

This book shows you how to make the most of:

  • Deductions from business profits
  • Deductions from income as an employee or director
  • Property, vehicles and equipment
  • The available input VAT deductions
  • Reliefs from capital gains tax

Whatever your line of business, there’s a bewildering range of reliefs, exemptions, allowances and deductions available. You just need to know where to find them and how to make sense of them. That’s why we’ve brought together the most powerful deductions in one easy-to-read volume. Using even one is sure to cover the purchase price many times over, so start saving today.

We've created this Tips & Advice book especially for... 

Anyone that wants to:

  • Legitimately keep their business and personal tax bills down

Tax advisors that want to:

  • Be familiar with the available deductions
  • Help their clients take full advantage of the available reliefs

You'll get the following free extras with this Tips & Advice book... 

An online service with ready-to-use documents

  • To immediately apply our advice and solutions in practice
  • That you can easily adapt to suit your own requirements

In this Tips & Advice book you'll read about...

1. Land and buildings - capital expenditure

1.1. Plant and machinery capital allowances

1.2. Capital allowances for fixtures

1.3. Capital allowances for integral features

1.4. Buildings for research and development

1.5. Mineral extraction allowances

1.6. Dredging allowances

1.7. Rollover relief (full reinvestment)

1.8. Rollover relief (partial reinvestment)

1.9. Rollover relief (depreciating assets)

1.10. Lease premiums - property businesses

1.11. Lease premiums - trading businesses

1.12. Private residence relief (PRR)

1.13. Only or main residence lettings relief

1.14. Business asset gift relief

2. Land and buildings - property rental and business use

2.1. Repairs to premises

2.2. Provisions for lease dilapidations

2.3. Renewals of fixtures

2.4. Repairs and renewals of fittings

2.5. Replacement furniture allowance

2.6. Cash basis accounting for landlord - repairs deduction

2.7. Rent

2.8. Business rates

2.9. Council tax - let property

2.10. Employee’s accommodation

2.11. Use of home for the purposes of an unincorporated business

2.12. Use of home for the purposes of a company business

2.13. Homeworker payments by employer

2.14. Rent-a-room relief

2.15. Property allowance

3. Motor vehicles

3.1. Capital allowances for motor vehicles

3.2. First year allowances for motor vehicles

3.3. Car hire for employees and directors

3.4. Car hire and leasing for businesses

3.5. Capital contributions towards company cars

3.6. Contributions towards private use of company vehicles

3.7. Mileage allowance and relief for employees and directors

3.8. Passenger payments for employees and directors

3.9. Motor vehicle running costs for the self-employed

3.10. Mileage allowances for the self-employed

3.11. Input VAT recovery on motor vehicle purchases

3.12. Input VAT recovery on motor vehicle leasing

3.13. Input VAT recovery on fuel

3.14. Input VAT recovery on other motor vehicle running costs

4. Machinery, tools and equipment

4.1. Repairs to machinery, tools and equipment

4.2. Replacement of small tools

4.3. Capital allowances for companies

4.4. Capital allowances for unincorporated businesses

4.5. Capital allowances for directors and employees

4.6. Leasing assets to your company and claiming capital allowances

4.7. The annual investment allowance

4.8. First year allowances

4.9. Small pool write-offs

4.10. Balancing adjustments

4.11. Short-life assets

4.12. Assets with private use in unincorporated businesses

4.13. Rollover relief for plant and machinery

4.14. Input VAT recovery

5. Goodwill, intellectual property, software and websites

5.1. Corporate intangibles - amortisation

5.2. Corporate intangibles - impairment

5.3. Corporate intangibles - losses on disposal

5.4. Corporate intangibles - rollover relief on reinvestment

5.5. Goodwill for unincorporated businesses

5.6. Goodwill for unincorporated businesses - rollover relief

5.7. Know-how for unincorporated businesses

5.8. Patents for unincorporated businesses

5.9. Other intellectual property for unincorporated businesses

5.10. Registration of patents and other intellectual property

5.11. Computer software

5.12. Website expenditure

6. Research and development

6.1. Basic revenue relief for R&D expenditure

6.2. Enhanced revenue relief for R&D expenditure for SMEs

6.3. R&D expenditure credit

6.4. R&D capital allowances

7. Bad debts, losses and other accounting adjustments

7.1. Business tax deduction for bad debts (impaired assets)

7.2. Business tax deduction for monetary losses

7.3. Business tax deduction for stock losses

7.4. VAT adjustments for bad debts and losses

7.5. Specific bad debt provisions

7.6. General bad debt provisions

7.7. Relief for unremittable amounts

7.8. Stock provisions

7.9. Provisions for liabilities and accounting estimates

8. Travel, accommodation and subsistence

8.1. Itinerant business travel for directors and employees

8.2. Itinerant business travel for the self-employed

8.3. Travel between permanent workplaces for directors and employees

8.4. Travel to temporary workplaces for directors and employees

8.5. Travel between bases of operation for the self-employed

8.6. Travel to temporary sites for the self-employed

8.7. Overnight accommodation for directors and employees

8.8. Overnight incidental expenses for directors and employees

8.9. Living accommodation for directors and employees

8.10. Non-taxable living accommodation for directors and employees

8.11. Overnight accommodation for the self-employed

8.12. Subsistence expenses for directors and employees

8.13. Flat rate subsistence allowances for directors and employees

8.14. Subsistence for the self-employed

8.15. Overseas travel for spouses, partners and children

8.16. Holidays for directors and employees

8.17. Holidays for the self-employed

9. Training, conferences and seminars

9.1. Training provided to directors and employees

9.2. Training costs for the self-employed

9.3. Travel for training for directors and employees

9.4. Travel for training for the self-employed

9.5. Overseas conferences and seminars for directors and employees

9.6. Accompanying partners on overseas events for directors and employees

9.7. Overseas conferences and seminars for the self- employed

9.8. Accompanying partners on overseas events for the self-employed

10. Entertaining

10.1. Entertaining for promotional purposes in the normal course of trade

10.2. Entertaining staff

10.3. Entertaining under a contractual obligation

10.4. Entertaining under a reciprocal obligation

10.5. Entertaining where there is quid pro quo

10.6. Input VAT on entertaining overseas customers

10.7. Entertaining as an employment expense for directors and employees

11. Advertising, promotion, gifts, samples and sponsorship

11.1. Advertising

11.2. Promotional events

11.3. Travel to promotional events

11.4. Networking events

11.5. Promotional gifts

11.6. Samples

11.7. Trivial value benefits for employees

11.8. Charitable gifts

11.9. Input VAT on gifts of goods and samples

11.10. Input VAT on gifts of goods to charities

11.11. Sponsorship

11.12. Input VAT on sponsorship

12. Fines, penalties, damages and compensation payments

12.1. Fines and penalties

12.2. Parking and speeding fines, etc.

12.3. Damages and compensation

12.4. Staff redundancy and termination payments

13. Clothing, medical expenses and professional fees

13.1. Protective clothing

13.2. Uniforms and specialist clothing

13.3. Laundry costs

13.4. Flat rate laundry allowances for employees and directors

13.5. Medical bills and insurance

13.6. Overseas medical treatment and insurance

13.7. Legal and professional fees

14. Publications and subscriptions

14.1. Books and maintaining libraries

14.2. Trade and professional magazines

14.3. Newspapers and periodicals

14.4. Trade and professional subscriptions for businesses

14.5. Professional subscriptions for employees

14.6. Information services

14.7. HR/employment law services

14.8. Staff welfare services

14.9. TV and online subscriptions

14.10. Gym memberships and similar expenses

15. Staff costs, pensions and employee share arrangements

15.1. Wages and salaries

15.2. Bonuses

15.3. Wages and salaries for family members

15.4. Individual pension contributions

15.5. Employer pension contributions

15.6. Employee share arrangements

15.7. Other employee benefits

16. Finance costs and insurance

16.1. Overdraft interest

16.2. Credit card interest

16.3. Loan interest

16.4. Interest on loans to withdraw capital

16.5. Finance leases and operating lease rentals

16.6. Incidental costs of obtaining finance

16.7. General insurances

16.8. Key person insurance

16.9. Income/profit protection insurance

16.10. Professional indemnity insurance

17. Provision of finance

17.1. Tax relief on interest paid

17.2. EIS income tax relief

17.3. SEIS income tax relief

17.4. VCT tax relief

17.5. EIS capital gains tax deferral relief

18. Starting up in business

18.1. Capital expenditure incurred before the business commences

18.2. Revenue expenditure incurred before the business commences

18.3. Input VAT incurred before VAT registration

18.4. Trading allowance

19. Losses

19.1. Companies - trading losses carried forward

19.2. Individuals - trading losses carried forward

19.3. Individuals - trading losses for Class 4 NI purposes

19.4. Companies - trading losses carried sideways

19.5. Individuals - trading losses carried sideways

19.6. Companies - trading losses carried back

19.7. Individuals - trading losses carried back

19.8. Individuals - trading losses set against capital gains

19.9. Individuals - trading losses in the early years of trading

19.10. Company - terminal trading losses

19.11. Individuals - terminal trading losses

19.12. Incorporation of a business with trading losses

19.13. Companies - property business losses

19.14. Furnished holiday letting losses

19.15. Individuals - property business losses representing capital allowances

19.16. Individuals - other property business losses

19.17. Companies - non-trade loan relationship deficits

19.18. Companies - group relief for losses

19.19. Companies - capital losses

19.20. Individuals - capital losses on shares in unquoted trading companies

19.21. Individuals - other capital losses

19.22. Negligible value claims

20. And finally...

20.1. Gift Aid for individuals

20.2. Gift Aid for companies

20.3. Community investment tax relief

20.4. Earnings deduction for people working on board ship

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