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2 Special Reports in PDF to take care of payroll and taxable benefits

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A Tips & Advice Special Report about...

In a nutshell

This Special Report explains how to tackle the end-of-year procedures with the minimum of fuss. It will help you make sense of the complex RTI rules and steer clear of the extensive range of penalties.

In detail

If you're looking for answers to your RTI questions, you'll find everything you need right here in this Special Report:

  • What penalties apply and when?
  • How to manage payroll for RTI
    • Choosing the right payroll software
    • Creating new payroll procedures
    • Payroll alignment
  • How to efficiently tidy up employee data
  • How to report to HMRC
  • How to deal with starters and leavers under RTI

The RTI reporting regime has created a set of challenges for employers. This Special Report provides all the guidance you need to cope with RTI safely and in a cost-effective way.

We've created this Tips & Advice Special Report especially for... 

Payroll and HR staff, finance directors that want to:

  • Cope with RTI in a safe and cost-effective way

Accountants that want to:

  • Help their clients manage payroll for RTI

In this Tips & Advice Special Report you'll read about...

Table of contents

Section 1: Overview

Section 2: Payroll software options

Section 3: Reporting under RTI

Section 4: Aligning payroll to the correct tax period

Section 5: Starters and leavers

Section 6: Year end

Section 7: Correcting errors

Section 8: Statutory payments

Section 9: New employers - getting ready for RTI

Section 10: Penalties and interest

Appendix 1 - End of year procedures

Appendix 2 - FPS and EPS data

Appendix 3 - Exceptions to on-or-before rule

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