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Control, Investigate and Reduce Workplace Accidents (PDF)

A PDF Report about...

In a nutshell

So you've risk assessed everything, put the correct procedures in place, and yet a member of staff has still managed to have an accident. How should you record it? Do you need to report it to the authorities or your insurer? These are just some of the many questions answered in our Special Report: Control, Investigate and Reduce Workplace Accidents

We've created this PDF Report especially for... 

health and safety managers and supervisors

In this Tips & Advice Special Report you'll read about...

1. What are accidents?

1.1. What are accidents and incidents?

1.2. What can accidents cost?

1.3. How should we deal with the immediate aftermath of an accident?

2. Recording accidents

2.1. What does the law say about recording accidents and incidents?

2.2. What accidents need recording and how should this be done?

2.3. What information must be recorded?

3. Reporting accidents

3.1. Why do accidents need to be reported to the authorities?

3.2. What incidents or accidents should we report?

3.3. What are the main reportable major injuries, dangerous occurrences and diseases?

4. How should we report accidents and incidents?

4.1. Timeframe

5. Dealing with the insurance company

5.1. How should we deal with our insurer?

5.2. What steps do we need to take to comply with the insurer’s wishes?

6. Enforcement action

6.1. How should we deal with an enforcement officer?

6.2. How do we minimise the impact of an HSE or EHO investigation?

6.3. What are the rights of inspectors?

7. Investigating accidents

7.1. Why investigate accidents?

7.2. What does the law say about investigating accidents?

7.3. What are the main aims of accident investigation?

7.4. How can we get the most out of interviews?

7.5. What witness interview techniques should we use?

7.6. How do we gather evidence?

7.7. How should we use the findings of an accident investigation?

8. First aid

8.1. What does the law say?

8.2. What is a first aid needs assessment?

8.3. Do we need first aid personnel?

8.4. How many do we need?

8.5. What about training courses?

8.6. What first aid materials and equipment do we need to provide?

8.7. What facilities and equipment should this room contain?

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