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A Tips & Advice book about... 

In a nutshell

This book will ensure you have every health and safety angle covered in the least-cost way. It offers you over 380 legally safe policies, procedures, records, checklists and forms. Adapt them to suit every health and safety situation in your workplace.

In detail

As everyone in business knows, staying on top of health and safety means having watertight paperwork. Whether it's to keep an inspector happy or fend off a claim, you need the proper documents to defend your position. What's more, having a full set of documents will reduce the risk of workplace accidents. As a result, your insurance premiums will be kept in check. Split across 10 chapters, this book covers:

  1. Accident management and first aid
  2. Asbestos
  3. Chemical safety
  4. Construction
  5. Health & Safety management
  6. Health & safety policy
  7. Machinery and equipment
  8. Occupational health
  9. Off-site working
  10. Workplace

With this book, you need never be in the dark when it comes to health and safety. You'll have all necessary documents to take care of this tricky subject in the least-cost, most convenient way.

We've created this Tips & Advice book especially for... 

Business owners, health and safety managers, logistics managers and company directors that want to:

  • Take care of health and safety in the least-cost, most effective way
  • Have a full set of legally safe health and safety documents at hand

You'll get the following free extras with this Tips & Advice book... 

An online service with ready-to-use documents

  • To immediately apply our advice and solutions in practice
  • That you can easily adapt to suit your own requirements
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