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Essential Documents: Health, Safety & Environment Flow Charts

A Tips & Advice book about... 

In a nutshell

This book guarantees that your health, safety and environment processes are watertight. It ensures compliance is taken care of, always in a legally secure and cost-effective way. Split across ten easy-to-navigate sections covering everything from accident management to workplace health and safety, it contains all the handy flow charts you’ll need.

In detail

Every health, safety and environment obligation you’re required to meet is process driven. You have to make sure all the boxes are ticked and have the correct procedures and documentation in place. But how can you be sure you’re travelling in the right direction? With its many flow charts, this book will be your guide. Each flow chart includes:

  • A handy “how to use” summary
  • A series of relevant questions for different possible scenarios
  • A clear step-by-step path to follow
  • Supplementary documents so you always get the full picture

You can easily adapt the documents to fit your organisation and incorporate them into your safety manual. Crafted by our experts, the flow charts and documents in this book will save you time and money and ensure compliance.

We've created this Tips & Advice Book especially for... 

Business owners, health and safety managers that want to:

  • Have the correct health, safety and environment procedures and documentation in place
  • Ensure compliance in a legally secure and cost-effective way
  • Save time and money with our step-by-step flow charts

This new edition contains the following new and updated documents:

  • Flow chart - HAACP principles 
  • Flow chart - cleaning a neat oil MWF system 
  • Flow chart - cleaning a water-mix MWF system 
  • Flow chart - night worker health 
  • Flow chart - food deliveries 
  • Flow chart - health checks at recruitment
  • Flow chart - driving licence checks
  • Flow chart - health and safety audit

You'll get the following free extras with this Tips & Advice book... 

An online service with ready-to-use documents

  • To immediately apply our advice and solutions in practice
  • That you can easily adapt to suit your own requirements

In this Tips & Advice Book you'll read about...

Chapter 1 - Accident management

Flow chart - accident investigation

Flow chart - near misses

Supplementary documents:

Contacting the HSE

Accident report form

Accident report form explanatory

Accident - witness statement

Accident investigation form

Accident/incident reporting policy

Near-miss report

Chapter 2 - Asbestos management

Flow chart - discovering asbestos-containing materials

Flow chart - asbestos management

Supplementary documents:

Asbestos management policy

Asbestos register

Asbestos management plan

Chapter 3 - Construction and refurbishment

Flow chart - contractor selection

Flow chart - contractor management

Flow chart - client responsibilities, Stage 1: project concept

Flow chart - client responsibilities, Stage 2: project planning

Flow chart - client responsibilities, Stage 3: project implementation

Flow chart - client responsibilities, Stage 4: project completion

Supplementary documents:

Client brief

Appoint a principal contractor letter

Contractor appraisal questionnaire

Pre-construction information checklist

Construction phase plan

Permit to work - CDM

Chapter 4 - Chemical safety

Flow chart - spill response

Flow chart - undertaking a COSHH assessment

Flow chart - when to carry out a COSHH assessment

Supplementary documents:

Preliminary COSHH assessment

COSHH/DSEAR assessment record

Chemical inventory sheet

Chapter 5 - Environmental concerns

Flow chart - non-conformances

Flow chart - environmental incident investigation

Supplementary documents:

Non-conformance and corrective action register

Environmental incident investigation report

Environment - incident - photo record

Environment - incident - witness statement

Chapter 6 - Machinery and equipment

Flow chart - cleaning a neat oil MWF system

Flow chart - cleaning a water-mix MWF system

Flow chart - work equipment selection

Flow chart - introducing work equipment

Flow chart - maintaining work equipment

Flow chart - how to comply with the DSE regulations

Flow chart - how to respond to a DSE assessment

Flow chart - PPE selection

Flow chart - PPE issuing and management

Supplementary documents:

Work equipment - safe system of work

Risk assessment machinery (blank)

Machinery maintenance record

Permit to work - machinery isolation

Display screen equipment - workstation assessment

PPE issue record

Safety harness record of issue

Personal fall protection

Chapter 7 - Management of health and safety

Flow chart - HACCP principles

Flow chart - H&S management organogram

Flow chart - health and safety audit

Flow chart - dealing with health and safety concerns

Flow chart - appointing members to a health & safety committee

Flow chart - product safety recall/withdrawal

Flow chart - does your building need an HMO licence (England)

Flow chart - driving licence checks

Supplementary documents:

Health and safety committee agenda

Health and safety committee constitution

Health and safety arrangements - audit

Product recall/withdrawal form

Chapter 8 - Occupational health

Flow chart - health checks at recruitment

Flow chart - health surveillance and checks

Flow chart - responding to staff illness

Flow chart - when to report an occupational disease

Flow chart - new and expectant mothers at work

Flow chart - night worker health

Supplementary documents:

Fit note checklist

Occupational health management checklist

Medical questionnaire

Risk assessment - pregnant staff

Chapter 9 - Safe systems of work and risk assessments

Flow chart - how to do a risk assessment

Flow chart - when a risk assessment is needed

Flow chart - method statements

Supplementary documents:

Risk assessment - blank

Risk assessment audit

Risk assessment - guidance

Method statement - master

Chapter 10 - Workplace

Flow chart - identifying a confined space

Flow chart - food deliveries

Flow chart - do you need a gas safety certificate?

Supplementary documents

Permit to work - confined spaces

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