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A Tips & Advice book about... 

In a nutshell

Use this book to manage your staff in a productive, legally secure way. It contains a set of documents that cover every possible workplace scenario, each one accompanied by an introduction explaining the law and how to get the most from it. This new edition contains 22 new documents including employed or self-employed checklist, response to employment particulars request, letter proposing a change to pay date, notice to cancel holiday, employee performance management record and more.

In detail

You'll find 200+ ready to use documents in this book, including letters, checklists, policies and procedures, split across 15 familiar sections:

  1. Recruitment and selection
  2. Appraisals, promotion and training
  3. Contracts of employment
  4. Company rules
  5. Pay and pensions
  6. Data protection
  7. Disciplinary, capability and dismissal
  8. Grievances
  9. Sickness absence
  10. Time off and holidays
  11. Work and parents
  12. Flexible working
  13. Redundancy
  14. Termination of employment
  15. Personnel management

It comes with a free online service containing all the ready-to-use, easily accessible documents. It's sure to become your indispensable aid to effective HR management.

We've created this Tips & Advice book especially for... 

Employers, HR managers and supervisors, company owners that want to:

  • Manage their staff in an effective, legally secure way

This new edition has been updated with 22 new documents:

  • Invitation to attend second interview letter
  • Notification of recruitment freeze letter
  • Letter enclosing a copy of employee's contract of employment
  • Letter enclosing contract of employment
  • Employed or self employed checklist
  • Response to employment particulars request
  • Statement of employment particulars checklist
  • Letter proposing a change to pay date
  • Employee performance management record
  • Minutes of performance review meeting
  • Grievance form
  • Initial letter to sick employee
  • Notice to cancel holiday
  • Request to apply for jury service deferral
  • Disrupted adoption leave form
  • Pre-family leave meeting invitation
  • Response to amendment of flexible working application
  • Trial flexible working curtailment letter
  • Letter advising employee has died
  • Confirmation of performance improvement measures
  • Letter notifiying outcome of whistleblowing disclosure
  • Shift swap request form

You'll get the following free extras with this Tips & Advice book... 

An online service

  • To immediately apply our advice and solutions in practice
  • That you can easily adapt to suit your own requirements

New edition coming soon

Our editors are currently finalising a new edition of this publication.

Please contact our Customer Services department for more information and/or to pre-order the new edition now.

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