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Essential Documents: Tax Flow Charts

Step-by-step guides to take care of common tax tasks

A Tips & Advice book about... 

In a nutshell

This book of easy-to-use flow charts has been specially designed guide individuals, businesses and their advisors through complex tax claims and elections. Through carefully created prompts our flow charts lead you straight to solutions to even the grittiest of problems. This book is a vital tool to help you deal with your business and personal tax affairs in the most tax-efficient and legally secure ways.

In detail

We’ve organised our flow charts into six topics covering everything from personal to business taxes and VAT. For example, see whether a gift will result in an IHT bill, discover which property tax reliefs you can claim, the correct tax code to use for a new employee and how to claim VAT bad debt relief.

Use our flow charts to:

  • Take the uncertainty out of the decision making process
  • Ensure legal safety in all your tax dealings
  • Take control of the complex tax rules
  • Implement an effective tax-saving strategy
  • Have confidence in your tax planning

Every flow chart is supported by guidance notes and invaluable sample elections, claims and other documents which can be tailored to your needs. All the documents are ready to download from the complementary online service.

We've created this Tips & Advice book especially for... 

Entrepreneurs, business owners, directors and taxpayers that want to:

  • Implement our clear guidelines on how to deal with a tax question

Tax advisors and accountants that want to:

  • Help their clients pay less tax and streamline their tax processes

You'll get the following free extras with this Tips & Advice book... 

An online service

  • To immediately apply our advice and solutions in practice
  • With ready to use supporting documents

In this Tips & Advice book you'll read about...

Chapter 1 - Personal taxes

Flow chart - appointing someone to help with your tax affairs

Flow chart

Authorisation to act as your tax intermediary

Flow chart - pension contributions annual allowance

Flow chart

Pension premium record

Flow chart - requirement to complete a self-assessment return

Flow chart

Self-assessment - steps you need to take

Flow chart - claiming overpayment relief

Flow chart

Overpayment refief claim

Overpayment relief claim checksheet

Flow chart - high income child benefit charge

Flow chart

Short guide to the high income child benefit charge

Flow chart - student loan repayments

Flow chart

Flow chart - employee expenses payments

Flow chart

Short guide to employees’ tax deductible and exempt job expenses

Flow chart - tax relief for loan interest

Flow chart

Short guide to income tax relief on qualifying loans

Flow chart - inheritance tax - gifts during lifetime

Flow chart

Short guide to inheritance tax and gifts

IHT gift from surplus income letter

Record of gifts

Flow chart - business asset disposal relief

Flow chart

Rent or business asset disposal relief checklist

Business asset disposal relief checklist

Chapter 2 - Employment taxes

Flow chart - new employee tax code procedure

Flow chart

Flow chart - paying an employee on termination of employment

Flow chart

Payment after leaving letter

Letter enclosing P45 and/or final salary pay slip

Leaver’s details form

Flow chart - company car tax calculation

Flow chart

Company car lump sum contribution agreement

Company car running costs contribution agreement

Further information - company car tax calculation

Flow chart - trivial benefits exemption

Flow chart

Letter to employee regarding trivial benefits

Flow chart - employer-provided loans

Flow chart

Election for alternative loan interest calculation

Election to aggregate loans

Chapter 3 - Property

Flow chart - claiming the property allowance

Flow chart

Short guide to the property allowance

Flow chart - claiming rent-a-room relief

Flow chart

Short guide to rent-a-room relief

Election for alternative calculation where rent-a-room applies

Election for rent-a-room not to apply

Flow chart - reclaiming additional stamp duty land tax

Flow chart

Flow chart - capital gains tax private residence relief

Flow chart

Claim for private residence relief to apply to a former home

Nominating a main residence election

Non-resident CGT charge election

Flow chart - taxation of income from jointly owned property

Flow chart

Deed of trust for property

Agreement to sever a joint tenancy for married couples and civil partners

Chapter 4 - Business taxes

Flow chart - capital allowances short-life asset election

Flow chart

Short guide to making and using a short-life asset election

Capital allowances short-life asset election

Flow chart - capital allowances annual investment allowance

Flow chart

Short guide to calculating the AIA

Flow chart - simplified business expenses

Flow chart

Short guide to calculating and claiming simplified expenses

Flow chart - company loans to participators

Flow chart

Short guide to tax on loans to participators

Flow chart - claiming the trading allowance

Flow chart

Short guide to the trading allowance

Flow chart - income tax trading loss relief

Flow chart

Unincorporated business trading loss relief claim

Share loss relief claim

Chapter 5 - VAT

Flow chart - reclaiming preregistration VAT

Flow chart

Special rules for capital goods - reclaiming preregistration VAT

Flow chart - VAT bad debt relief

Flow chart

Notification to a debtor of write-off

Flow chart - VAT Construction Industry Scheme reverse charge

Flow chart

Short guide to the VAT Construction Industry Scheme domestic reverse charge

VAT invoice checklist

Flow chart - VAT registration

Flow chart

VAT registration process

Flow chart - VAT deregistration

Flow chart

Chapter 6 - Business and company administration

Flow chart - forming a limited company

Flow chart

Short guide to forming a limited company

Flow chart - close, dissolve and strike off a company

Flow chart

Strike off and dissolution summary

Strike off letter

Flow chart - pay a company dividend

Flow chart

Company dividend voucher

Minute of board resolution to pay interim dividend

Minute of board resolution to recommend final dividend

Flow chart - workplace pensions auto-enrolment

Flow chart

Short guide to assessing a worker’s status for auto-enrolment

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