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First Aid at Work - The Training Regime (PDF)

A PDF Report about...

In a nutshell

This updated Special Report contains details of the Emergency First Aid at Work course - and guidance on compliance, plus new information on mental health first aid. It’s all you need to take care of your first aid training needs.

We've created this PDF Report especially for... 

health and safety trainers, managers and supervisors that want to:

  • be on top of the latest First Aid course.

In this Tips & Advice Special Report you'll read about...

1. The Regulations and guidance

1.1. What does the law say?

1.2. Purpose of a first aider

2. How to calculate your first aid requirements

2.1. What level of training do our first aiders need?

2.2. What type of specific training might our first aiders need?

2.3. How many first aiders do we need?

2.4. How do we calculate the number of first aiders needed in construction work?

2.5. How often should we review our first aid provision?

2.6. Can we still have appointed persons instead of first aiders?

3. How to choose first aiders

3.1. Who makes a good first aider?

3.2. Can medical staff act as first aiders?

3.3. Do first aiders have to work for our organisation?

4. Training

4.1. Who can give training in first aid techniques?

4.2. How does a first aider requalify under the new regime?

4.3. What about refresher training?

5. First aid arrangements

5.1. Do we need to tell staff about the first aid arrangements?

5.2. What equipment and facilities do we need to provide?

5.3. Do we need a defibrillator?

5.4. Do we need additional insurance to cover first aiders?

5.5. Do we need to give first aiders additional pay?

5.6. Should our first aiders keep records?

6. Case studies

6.1. Small engineering company

6.2. Small office

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