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Health & Safety Basics

Advice and information to keep your workers safe and your business compliant

A Tips & Advice book about... 

In a nutshell

This book provides you with the basic information to make sure that you stay on the right side of health and safety legislation. By following it, and going beyond the bare minimum, you can demonstrate that you are taking your responsibilities seriously and protecting your workforce and your business from the negative impacts of poor health and safety standards. It’s divided into easy-to-follow chapters and provides advice on how to comply with legislation and includes handy documents for you to download and use.

In detail

Good health and safety practices are the foundation of business success. A positive health and safety culture within your organisation can lead to increased productivity and staff engagement, fewer accidents and instances of ill health, less chance of prosecution and personal injury claims. By keeping staff safe, healthy and content you will be able to focus on other areas such as customer service, quality, expansion, etc. 

If you get it wrong you will be in danger of staff getting hurt. This may then expose the business to prosecution. Punishment could be imprisonment or unlimited fines. You may have to pay remedial costs to rectify a dangerous situation or piece of machinery. If accidents are happening on your premises you will have downtime whilst they are investigated, and you may receive a personal injury claim from the injured party which could impact your insurance premiums. Your business may also suffer reputational damage. 

Luckily this back to basics book takes aways all the worry and stress associated with health and safety and provides all the tools you need to keep your workforce safe and productive.

In addition, it contains a set of handy documents to help implement the planning ideas discussed, plus other useful reference material.

We've created this Tips & Advice book especially for... 

Anyone who runs a business or who is involved in health and safety who wants to:

  • Gain an understanding of health and safety basics and be fully equipped to deal with situations as and when they arise

You'll get the following free extras with this Tips & Advice book... 

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  • To immediately apply our advice and solutions in practice
  • That you can easily adapt to suit your own requirements

In this Tips & Advice book you'll read about...

1. Create a health and safety policy

1.1. Policy sections

1.2. Policy statement

1.3. Policy organisation

1.4. Policy arrangements

1.5. Risk assessment

2. Consult your employees

2.1. Why consult?

2.2. The law

2.3. Consultation policy

2.4. Consultation briefing

2.5. Health and safety committee

3. Provide training and information

3.1. Evaluate the type of training needed

3.2. The law

3.3. Training policy

3.4. Safety training record

3.5. Training matrix

3.6. Health and safety induction

3.7. Refreshing your safety training

3.8. Keep track of safety briefings

4. Provide the right workplace facilities

4.1. A safe environment

4.2. Maintaining a healthy workplace

4.3. Sanitary and washing facilities

4.4. Disabled and temporarily disabled

5. First aid and accidents

5.1. First aid at work policy

5.2. Assessing your first aid needs

5.3. Appointing a first aider

5.4. First aid kit contents

5.5. First aid room

5.6. Accident prevention

5.7. Accident/incident reporting

5.8. Managing accident investigation

5.9. Witness statements

5.10. Accident claim management

6. Fire safety

6.1. Arrangements for emergency procedures

6.2. Fire precautions - assembly points

6.3. The role of the fire marshal

6.4. Meeting your fire training responsibilities

6.5. Fire safety equipment

7. Display the health and safety law poster

8. Get insurance for your business

8.1. Do you need insurance?

8.2. How do you get employers’ liability insurance?

9. Stress and mental health at work

9.1. Widespread problem

9.2. Stress and mental health policy

9.3. Stress self-assessment

9.4. Safety briefing - stress

9.5. Work-related stress and wellbeing tips

10. Slips, trips and falls

10.1. Slips, trips and falls policy

10.2. Slips, trips and falls risk assessment

10.3. Safety briefing - slips and trips

10.4. Tips to prevent slips, trips and falls

11. Manual handling and ergonomics

11.1. What is manual handling?

11.2. Policy and risk assessment

11.3. Manual handling safety briefing

11.4. General lifting tips

11.5. Ergonomics

11.6. Ergonomics tips

12. General office safety

13. Use of chemicals at work

13.1. Chemical policy

13.2. Handling and storing chemical substances

13.3. Use of chemicals checklist

13.4. Chemical safety tips

14. Personal protective equipment (PPE)

14.1. PPE policy

14.2. PPE risk assessment

14.3. Safety footwear briefing

14.4. General PPE tips

15. Machinery safety

15.1. Machinery safety policy

15.2. Machinery maintenance assessment

15.3. Maintaining machinery safely

16. Noise at work

16.1. Noise at work policy

16.2. Noise at work risk assessment

16.3. Noise safety briefing

16.4. Tips to control noise

17. Working at height

17.1. Working at height policy

17.2. Working at height risk assessment

17.3. Working at height safety briefing

17.4. Tips for controlling risks from working at height

18. Electricity at work

18.1. Electrical safety policy

18.2. Electricity risk assessment

18.3. Safety briefing - electricity

18.4. Tips for safe use of electricity

19. Environment

19.1. Environmental policy statement

19.2. Environment aspects and impacts register

19.3. Corporate social responsibility (CSR)

20. Safety culture

20.1. Leading by example

21. Keep current

22. Appendices

22.1. Legislation that may apply to your business

22.2. Workplace safety general precautions

23. Documents

Health and safety policy statement

Health and safety policy organisation

Health and safety policy arrangements

Risk assessment – blank

Consultation policy

Safety briefing – consultation

Flow chart – appointing members to a health and safety committee

Training policy

Safety training record

Training matrix

Health and safety induction checklist

Safety briefing register

Workplace environment policy

Disabled and temporarily disabled checklist

Sanitary and washing facilities checklist

First aid at work policy

First aid needs assessment

First aid kit contents checklist

First aid room checklist

Safety briefing – accident prevention

Accident/incident reporting policy

Flow chart – accident investigation

Safety briefing – accident reportin

Accident investigation form

Accident – witness statement

Accident claim management checklist

Fire safety policy

Fire risk assessment

Fire safety checklist

Fire precautions – assembly points

Safety briefing – the role of the fire marshal

Summary – fire training guide

Fire extinguisher selection guide

Emergency lighting and testing instructions

Stress and mental wellbeing policy

Stress – self-assessment checklist

Safety briefing – stress

Slips, trips and falls policy

Risk assessment - slips, trips and falls

Safety briefing – slips and trips

Manual handling policy

Risk assessment – manual handling

Safety briefing – manual handling

Risk assessment – ergonomics

Display screen equipment – workstation assessment

Use of chemicals at work policy

Risk assessment – handling and storing checmical substances

Use of chemicals checklist

Personal protective equipment policy

Personal protective equipment assessment

Flow chart – PPE selection

Safety briefing - safety footwear

Machinery safety policy

Risk assessment – machinery maintenance

Process – safe system of work – machinery maintenance

Noise at work policy

Risk assessment - noise

Safety briefing – noise

Work at height safety policy

Risk assessment – working at height

Safety briefing – working at height

Electrical safety policy

Safety briefing – electricity

Environmental policy statement

Environment – aspects and impacts register

Corporate social responsibility policy

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