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Money-Saving Checklists for Business

Ready-to-use legal, financial and tax checklists to help your business run as profitably as possible

A Tips & Advice book about... 

In a nutshell

In this highly practical book you'll find a range of step-by-step business checklists. They show you how to stay on the right side of the law and make your business as profitable as possible. No more guessing or chance taking, simply follow our user-friendly checklists for maximum business efficiency.

In detail

This book covers everything from establishing a company to profit extraction methods. It deals with exactly the topics every business owner is confronted with:

  • Company law
  • Dealing with HMRC
  • Debt recovery
  • Health and safety
  • Insurance
  • Intellectual property
  • E-commerce
  • Personnel
  • Property

Being a success in business requires a great deal of knowledge, skill and experience in so many areas. That's why we put together this book of business checklists. Practical and easy to use, it will aid in the smooth and efficient running of your business.

What's more, we've included every checklist on the complementary online service. That way you can adapt each one to suit your personal circumstances.

We've created this Tips & Advice book especially for... 

Business owners and managers, company directors that want to:

  • Stay on the right side of the law and run their business as productively as possible

Advisors that want to:

  • Show their clients how to improve business efficiency

You'll get the following free extras with this Tips & Advice book... 

An online service with ready-to-use documents

  • To immediately apply our advice and solutions in practice
  • That you can easily adapt to suit your own requirements

In this Tips & Advice book you'll read about...

Chapter 1 - Company law

Running your business – options

Business plan

Why form a company?

Forming a company

How companies work



Shareholders’ meetings


Board meetings

Directors’ liability

Appointment of directors

Removing a director


Chapter 2 - Dealing with the Taxman

Reviewing your tax return before filing

Dealing with a notice of enquiry letter

What if the Taxman wants to see you?

Do you have to sign his record of what was said?

Challenging the Taxman’s calculations

How to amend a tax return

How to get an enquiry closed down

How to make a complaint and get compensation

How to chase a repayment

Chapter 3 - Debt recovery


Chasing the slow payer

Chasing the non-payer

Recovering the debt

Enforcing the judgment

Using external help

Chapter 4 - Health and safety

Health and safety policy

Carrying out a risk assessment

Reporting accidents

Premises safety check

Pregnancy and health and safety

Display screen equipment (DSE)

First aid at work

General fire safety

Driving at work

Personal protection

Manual handling

Asbestos in the workplace

Chapter 5 - Insurance

Compulsory and optional insurance

Employers’ Liability insurance (ELI)

Public Liability insurance (PLI)

Directors’ and officers’ insurance (D&O)

Buildings insurance

Contents insurance

Motor insurance

Keyman, legal expenses and business interruption insurance

Choosing the right policy

How to arrange cover

How to make a claim

What to do if your claim is rejected

Chapter 6 - Intellectual property

What are intellectual property rights?

What can be trade marked?

How to protect a trade mark

What can be copyrighted?

How to protect copyright

How to protect your company name

What a patent is and how it is protected

Designs and how to protect them

Database rights and protection

IP, employees and third parties

Chapter 7 - Online trading

Choosing a domain name

Selecting a hosting contract

Data protection and your website

Internet marketing

Internet selling

E-commerce terms and conditions

Getting your publicity right

Selecting and managing your IT supplier

Chapter 8 - Personnel



Making an offer and taking up references

Contracts of employment

Inducting your new employee

PAYE and National Insurance

What to pay your employee

Hours of work, rest breaks and holidays

Preventing discrimination and harassment claims

How to discipline an employee





Leavers and the exit interview

Chapter 9 - Property

Property - options

Looking for property

Suitable premises

Funding the purchase

Planning and building regulations

Buy or rent?

Leasehold premises

How leases work


Service charges


Problems with landlords

Business rates

Anything else to remember?

Chapter 10 - Miscellaneous

Choosing a supplier

Dos and don’ts with clients and customers



What should your terms and conditions include?

How to invoice

How to get paid on time

Managing cash flow

How to factor your debts

How to deal with late payment

How to handle complaints

Dealing with your bank

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