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my Tips and Advice

advice that's unique to you

my Tips & Advice is... 

A fully flexible website that puts you at the centre

  • Get hands-on advice on the topics of your choice
  • Create your unique profile - select only those topics you're interested in
  • Fine tune your subscription at any time
  • Benefit from a user-friendly platform and powerful search engine
  • Download follow-up information such as documents, calculators, checklists, ...
  • As an option - receive a monthly printed version of all the new advice in your domains

Split across six familiar domains (and their sub-domains)

  • Tax
  • Running a business
  • Employment & HR
  • Health, safety & environment
  • Technology for Business
  • VAT

A unique concept

  • Completely tailored to your needs
  • Maximum flexibility - only pay for what you really need
  • Outstanding value
  • Monthly payments

We've created this website especially for... 

Anyone involved in running a business, plus their advisors, that wants to:

  • Receive a personal cocktail of advice from our newsletters available 24/7
  • Keep fully up to date with new rules and legislation in particular domains
  • Work more productively by using a fully personalised website
  • Get reliable answers to difficult tax, VAT, HR, legal, health and safety etc. questions
  • Save on their professional advice costs

Extras with our advice... 

Follow-up documents, calculators, checklists, links...

  • Get our advice to really work in practice
  • Customisable to suit your personal circumstances
  • Easy to download and use

Examples and source material

  • So you can be sure your position is legally secure

my Tips & Advice gathers content from our newsletters...

It allows you to select advice from the domains you're interested in, but you can change your selections at any time: 

  • Tax
  • Running a business
  • Employment & HR
  • Health, safety & environment
  • Technology for Business
  • VAT

Have a look at...

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per month (+ VAT)
220 advices per year
plus from previous 12 months
add domains/sub-domains
regular e-zine
handy search feature



per month (+ VAT)
350 advices per year
plus from previous 12 months
more advice to suit your needs
regular e-zine
extensive coverage



per month (+ VAT)
Full database access
All advice, all domains, plus from previous 12 months
all the advice you'll ever need
full flexibility
best value