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Post-Brexit VAT - All You Need to Know (PDF)

A Tips & Advice Special Report about...

In a nutshell

This Special Report will ensure your business is best placed to take advantage of the new VAT rules in post-Brexit Britain. If you trade with the EU there is a plethora of new rules and processes to follow, especially in relation to VAT and Customs.

In detail

To help you get to grips with the new rules we’ve published this Special Report. In plain English, it provides answers to crucial questions on subjects such as:

  • VAT on import of goods:
    • How do I account?
    • What declarations do I need to make?
    • Should I use a customs agent?
  • Selling goods to EU customers:
    • What are the key points?
    • Do I need to register for VAT in EU countries?
  • Selling goods customers in Northern Ireland: what are the rules?
  • Buying/selling services to/from the EU: how does Brexit affect me?
  • The mini one stop shop (MOSS)
  • Reclaiming VAT incurred in EU countries
    • Can I still reclaim VAT?
    • If so, how do I do it and is it worthwhile?

The sheer volume of VAT guidance is daunting. But this Special Report, written by Neil Warren, one of the UK’s leading VAT experts, distils all the detail into bitesize advice and clear and reliable answers.

We've created this Tips & Advice Special Report especially for... 

Everyone involved in running a business who wants to:

  • Handle post-Brexit VAT in the most effective way
  • Make sense of the new VAT rules and processes

Tax and VAT advisors, bookkeepers and accountants that want to:

  • Get a clear overview of the new post-Brexit VAT rules

In this Tips & Advice Special Report you'll read about...

Importing goods

The highlights

Postponed accounting

Should you use a customs agent?

Intrastat reports

C79 certificates and postponed VAT statements - new Customs Declaration Service

Imports with a shipment value of £135 or less


Exporting goods

The highlights

Goods leaving the country - export declarations

What happens when goods arrive in your customer’s EU country?

Three-way deals - end of triangulation

Fewer reporting requirements

Moving goods to Northern Ireland

Retail export scheme abolished


Buying and selling services

The highlights

Selling services to EU businesses - what’s changed?

What about services you buy from EU suppliers?

Potential VAT savings - selling services to EU consumers (B2C)

Warning - be aware of the “use and enjoyment” rules


Other Brexit VAT issues

The highlights

MOSS changes if you sell electronic services to EU consumers

Is there an alternative to the non-union MOSS scheme?

Reclaiming VAT paid in EU countries

Is it worth claiming this VAT?


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