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Research and Development Tax Credits (PDF)

How to Save More Tax

A PDF Report about...

In a nutshell

Take maximum advantage of the research & development (R&D) allowances with this Special Report. It explains how the credits and allowances work and how to benefit from them in practice. Our handy advice will help you save money - so that your R&D investments don't go unrewarded. This new edition has been fully updated and includes information on the changes coming in April 2023.

In detail

The R&D allowances are without doubt the most generous of tax incentives. But the rules are very complex meaning that this tax break often goes begging. This Special Report takes the mystery out of R&D allowances - it explains:

  • What R&D tax credits are
  • The amount of tax relief involved
  • The criteria to qualify for R&D tax relief
    • Which R&D projects qualify?
    • What types of expenditure qualify?
  • Making an R&D claim
  • Limits to R&D relief

Written in plain English and illustrated with practical examples, this Special Report shows just how much you can save. It's a must-read for every company that invests in developing new ideas.

We've created this PDF Report especially for... 

Company directors and all business that are considering R&D work that want to:

  • Take maximum advantage of R&D allowances

Tax advisors and accountants that want to:

  • Advise their clients on using R&D allowances tax-efficiently

In this PDF Report you'll read about...

What are R&D tax credits?

What is an SME for R&D tax credit purposes?

What changes have been made to R&D relief?

How much tax relief do we get?

What counts as a qualifying R&D project?

What expenditure qualifies for R&D relief?

Grants and subsidies

How to make an R&D claim - SMEs

Can pre-trading expenditure qualify for R&D?

Limits on relief

Advance Assurance

Tax relief for R&D capital equipment

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