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Spring Budget 2024 (PDF)

Maximise the Tax-saving Opportunities

A PDF Report about...

In a nutshell

This Special Report covers all the major changes announced in the Spring Budget. The highlights include the widely predicted further reduction in NI contributions along with other important changes to the NI regime. In personal tax, long overdue changes to the high income child benefit charge were welcomed. Conversely, individuals who are resident but not domiciled in the UK face a new tougher tax regime. This Special Report explains the changes in plain English with examples to help you put them into practice

In detail

Our Special Report looks at all the key aspects of the latest changes including the:

  • National Insurance primary Class 1 and 4 contributions rates reduced
  • Mandatory National Insurance Class 2 abolished
  • The special tax treatment of furnished holiday lets cancelled
  • High income child benefit threshold and rate changes
  • VAT registration thresholds change for the first time in seven years
  • A brand new type of ISA with its own allowance to be created
  • More tax advantages investment zones announced
  • The pension lifetime allowance replaced
  • A new lower capital gains tax rate for some residential property gains

With this Special Report, you'll quickly understand the dos and don'ts and the consequences of the 2024 tax regime for you and your business. It's all you need to play it safe and prepare for additional changes to the tax rules that are already in the pipeline.

We've created this PDF Report especially for... 

Company owners and directors, in-house accountants and individuals that want to:

  • Fully understand the implication of Spring Budget 2024
  • Put effective tax mitigation strategies in place

Tax advisors and accountants that want to:

  • Get to grips with the changes introduced by Spring Budget 2024
  • Help their clients optimise the available tax savings

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