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Tax Breaks for Pension Savers

A Tips & Advice book about... 

In a nutshell

This book is a comprehensive guide to pension saving. It explains the different types of registered pension scheme you can invest in and the corresponding tax regime. It brings together current guidance with all the latest changes up to and including Finance Act 2024. In addition, there’s a raft of tax-planning tips and examples for improving tax efficiency, whether you’re contributing to or taking money from your pension funds.

In detail

Private pension schemes have been at the heart of saving for retirement for many years, not least because of the tax breaks they offer. However, strict limits apply for both pension contributions and the tax-free amount allowed when the savings are accessed. This book dives into the details of these rules to help you decide what scheme works best for you, from small self-administered schemes to self-invested personal pensions, and how to maximise the tax breaks. It looks at all aspects of pension saving with the emphasis on tax saving.

In this book you’ll find detailed guidance and advice about:

  • The new lifetime limits on pension savings that apply from April 2024
  • The different types of pension scheme on the market
  • How each type of scheme works
  • Pension planning for business owners and employers
  • How workplace pensions fit in  
  • Ways that pension contributions can reduce other tax bills
  • Avoiding penalties that can apply to pension savings
  • Accessing your pension savings tax efficiently
  • And much more…

This book is packed with useful information and advice about how to accumulate and manage pension savings, make the most of the tax breaks and avoid the traps hidden in HMRC’s rules.

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Anyone that wants to:

  • Take full advantage to the tax breaks available to pension savers

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