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Terms of sale |   Terms of use

Terms of sale


Prices exlude VAT. UK delivery is included. Please contact our Customer Services department to ask for more information about delivery outside of the UK.

Subscriber discount

If you already have an active subscription, you're entitled to a discount when you order a book or Special Report or to a first-year discount on each extra subscription, unless otherwise stated. There's only one condition: the extra subscription should have the same delivery and invoice address as the first one. This discount cannot be combined with other promotional offers.


We will process your order immediately. The publication(s) you ordered, such as books and Special Reports, will be delivered by post within one month, though the average delivery time is one week. The invoice will be sent together with the publication. If there are any problems, we will contact you immediately.
A newsletter subscription starts with the first issue following your order.
If you’ve taken a digital subscription, you’ll receive an e-mail to register after your order has been processed.


We would appreciate prompt payment after receipt of the invoice. If you paid online, you will receive an invoice confirming your payment. If, for any reason, your online payment was not processed, the amount payable should be settled via a bank transfer to the account number mentioned on the invoice and before the due date mentioned.

The invoice for a newsletter subscription will be sent to you separately. Invoices for other orders will be sent with the publication. If you have a subscription to a Memo, the subscription fee will automatically be renewed and payable for the next year, when the new Memo edition is published.

No-obligation free trial

After the free trial period, you can decide whether you want to take out a subscription. In order to guarantee uninterrupted access, we will send you an invoice. But if you don't want to continue, you can simply ignore the invoice and subsequent reminders.

Full-refund guarantee

You can cancel your subscription at any time before the end of the subscription period. You can do this by phone, e-mail, post or fax. We will then refund the unused part of your subscription (unless other conditions applied at the time of subscribing).This full-refund guarantee is not valid for subscriptions that are paid monthly by direct debit. In this case you can only cancel your subscription after twelve months. If you decide to cancel your subscription during the first twelve months, we’ll claim the balance by invoice.

Time to reconsider

You have up to 14 days after receipt of your order, or the first issue of your newsletter, to cancel. You can do this by phone, e-mail, letter or fax. You must return your order to us in its original packaging within 14 days. You are responsible for delivery charges.


Terms of sale |  Terms of use

Terms of use

Read more about the terms of use for our Memos (PDF).
Read more about the terms of use for our online products (PDF).