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VAT Memo 2024-2025

A handy, current and user-friendly guide as a printed book and/or updated digital version... 

In a nutshell

VAT Memo keeps you up to date with the latest in VAT law, practice and procedure. In easy-to-follow language, its expert commentary will show you how to deal with the administration of VAT and keep you on the right side of HMRC. The unique combination of a printed book plus digital version will help you apply the VAT legislation correctly.

In detail

VAT Memo provides complete VAT coverage. It deals with the following topics:

  • Scope of VAT
  • Output tax
  • Input tax
  • Compliance
  • Enforcement
  • Simplified accounting schemes
  • Particular activities
  • Business situations
  • Cross-border transactions

VAT is a big issue for most businesses. Dealing with all the legal detail takes up so much time and then there's all that admin to worry about. VAT Memo will help you efficiently deal with all these challenges. It's the perfect guide through the tricky world of VAT.

We've created this Memo especially for... 

In-house tax, finance and VAT staff, company owners, accountants, tax advisors and bookkeepers that want to:

  • Benefit from clear and up-to-date VAT information
  • Quickly find an answer to their VAT-related questions

This new edition has been fully revised and updated to include…

  • Digitalisation of DIY housebuilders VAT claims
  • Twists and turns for taxi operators
  • New responsibilities for digital platforms
  • Clarification of the VAT treatment of relayed live artistic performances and funerals
  • Improved arrangements and an extended deadline for DIY builders
  • Expansion of relief for energy-saving materials
  • IOSS registrations open

You'll get the following extras with your Memo subscription... 

Email updates

  • Keep you fully up to date with the latest developments
  • Deliver important news directly in your mailbox
  • Link straight to updated Memo paragraphs

Digital newsletter

  • Includes the latest advice on tax, HR and health and safety
  • Delivered directly to your mailbox, every month

Fully updated digital version

  • The digital version of your Memo including the latest updates, podcasts, blog posts and your digital newsletter, available:

In this Memo you'll read about the following topics...

Click on the image to browse through an extract of the Memo book...

You can choose from the following subscription options...

Digital only

  • 24/7 access to your Memo online via memo-online.indicator-flm.co.uk, featuring the full content of the book, the latest updates, podcasts, blog posts and your digital newsletter
  • 24/7 access to your Memo via the iMemo app, whether you're online or not
  • Email updates to keep you fully informed on the latest VAT developments
  • Monthly digital newsletter with the latest advice on tax, HR and health and safety

Paper + digital

  • Everything included in the 'Digital’ subscription + the printed Memo book, delivered direct to your home or business address

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For subscription until April 2025.

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