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Enable knowledge for a fairer, more efficient and sustainable society

Indicator - FL Memo Ltd is a part of Lefebvre Sarrut, a European, family-owned group, with roots going back 200 years, created by two entrepreneurial families sharing the same vision. Lefebvre Sarrut is the European leader in legal, tax and regulatory knowledge, offering innovative and efficient solutions to companies and professionals enabling them to understand and make best use of their decisions on regulations, standards and the law in order to develop their activities. Lefebvre Sarrut is also a privileged partner of national and international public and private institutions, and the student population.

Over the years, Indicator - FL Memo Ltd/Lefebvre Sarrut has renewed and enriched its offering to face the challenges of a changing world, driven by the quest for excellence and a relationship of mutual trust with its customers. This has led to close market proximity, reinforced by today’s digital environment, and a widespread sharing of the group’s legal, educational and practical expertise across its professional environment.

The dedication of the group’s employees and partners contribute to its success on a daily basis. The full and long term support and confidence of its shareholders guarantees that Lefebvre Sarrut’s business model endures, combining economic, social and environmental performance.

Lefebvre Sarrut is fully committed to: Guaranteeing access to the law. As a leader in the legal and tax knowledge business, Lefebvre Sarrut works hand in hand with public institutions to support the rule of law. Giving its customers a head start by constantly anticipating the evolution of their business and by co-constructing tomorrow’s solutions.

Lefebvre Sarrut continually invests in innovation and its partnership network. The group also supports start-ups, vulnerable people, students and people with ambitions to develop their skills, which in turn helps shape Indicator - FL Memo Ltd’s/Lefebvre Sarrut’s vision of the future. Identifying and understanding regulatory changes to enable its clients to be compliant and to leverage the law for the development of their activities. Their performance is further enhanced by Lefebvre Sarrut’s suite of training, publishing and software solutions. Providing its employees with an inspiring work environment, motivating projects, innovative and collaborative workplace methods, to enable their professional and personal development. Contributing, in cooperation with all its stakeholders, to building a sustainable world which takes care of the environment.