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In the most recent issue you'll find advice on...

Year 18 - issue 2 - 19.10.2017


Self-assessment scaled down

“Simple assessment” has arrived and with it HMRC’s plan to cut the number of tax returns it issues. How might this affect you?


Did you miss the 5 October deadline?

You’ve heard from a reliable source that if you owe tax for 2016/17, but haven’t already told HMRC about it, you’ll be fined. Is this correct, and if so, are you too late to avoid a penalty?


How many mobile phones are tax free?

Your company provides you with two mobile phones. Only one can be covered by the special tax exemption. As the bills vary for each phone you want to shift the exemption between phones from month to month. Is this allowed?


Company or personal capital allowances - what’s better?

As the director shareholder of a company you can choose to personally buy equipment for your business or do it through your company. The tax consequences of each differ. What’s the best option for you?


HMRC back tracks (a little) on overnight expenses

When the benefits and expenses regime was overhauled in 2016 HMRC withdrew its long-standing agreement for overnight allowances paid to truck drivers. It’s now agreed a new deal. What’s the full story?


Directors’ remuneration and RTI trouble

Real time information (RTI) requires you to report payroll information on or before the date you pay an employee. This can be tricky for directors because special rules determine the date they are paid. How can you be sure to get it right?


Dodging an easy-to-miss surcharge trap

Where you’re late submitting a VAT return HMRC will issue a surcharge notice. But if it’s your first or second offence it won’t fine you. Is it safe therefore to treat the notice as just a slap on the wrist, or should you take other steps?


No more HMRC income confirmation letters


HMRC “clearance” taking longer

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